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    Traditional or Matched???

    Just started playing drums just over 1 year ago...mostly off YouTube. Did a couple of lessons at Drum Shop where they started me off Cross Stick. Went to another instructor and he asked me to try open handed. I settled on Open Handed and even tho right handed...found myself leading with my left...
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    Made my Own Drum Shoes

    Had a pair of size 11.5 Onitsuka "Tiger" no laces shoes I got off and decided to turn them into Leather Bottomed Drum Shoes...they were so slick I couldn't walk so I had to add a no-slip layer on the heel. They move great on the Kick Pedal...
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    Better Late than Never...New Braunfels, Texas

    Just started but always was interested. Turning 60 on the 27th and have been taking lessons for almost three months from Jeff Ryder of San Antonio, Texas. Before that I was mostly looking at YouTube but you don't get feedback from the computer screen. I went a bit crazy and purchased a kit that...