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    Metal drummers: hi-hat spacing question

    As a new drummer I'm trying to figure out how to set up my hi-hats. From the metal albums I've listened to, I'm going to guess that a lot of the faster double bass type drummers leave barely any space between, or even disengage the clutch altogether on the hi-hat. I'm hearing a sustained sizzle...
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    Setting up a tom rack

    Alright, newbie here that just got a kit. I have a Gibraltar rack and I'm trying to set up two rack toms and a kick underneath it. The kick is over to the right underneath the rack (double pedal requires it), and on top are my two rack toms. The left one mounts over the kick fine, but the one to...
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    Will Yamaha Tom mounts work for other brands?

    I have a Gibraltar tom rack with some clamps, and it came with what appears to be these Yamaha brand tom mounts with black balls and short hex rods. Will these fit some Tama toms? Something tells me that the hex rods probably aren't a good match. The Yamaha mounts I have are also not L rods either.
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    90s Tama Kit differences

    I've only got an electronic kit and I'm ready to upgrade to a real kit. I'm looking at some older catalogs from the 90s since I wanna go with an older used kit, and being inexperienced with drum gear, I don't really know what to go for. There are the Starclassic maple, birch and Performers, the...
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    Heel Up Technique

    New drummer here. There are quite a few different techniques I've read about for kick drums but I haven't found any information that explains everything clearly. Heel down seems to have your foot flat on the pedal, then you raise your toes/ball of foot a bit from the ankle and strike down with...
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    Gibraltar Clamp hex nuts?

    I have some Gibraltar clamps and one of them is missing a hex nut. I looked around and I only found a 6-pack on Ebay for $15. I'm not sure these are even the size I need, but maybe they're all a universal size. Surely there is a way to buy just one of these things at a time.
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    Beginner's book?

    Is there a good book that covers all of the rudiments (drum setups, the different types of drums and sizes etc) but also has some good exercises taking me from a beginner to intermediate or so?
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    Alesis DM5 kit - double bass?

    New drummer here, just bought an Alesis DM5 kit to practice on before I get my real kit someday. The kit came with a Pintech kick drum sensor, not the original Alesis one. What would I need to get a double kick setup? I don't know if there is a special double pedal to buy, or if you just buy a...
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    Drum Composition

    Are there any drumming books out there that concentrate more on songwriting? I'm a guitarist that's starting to play drums and I would like to study more about how songwriting is done, or, drum composition is done from a drummer's point of view. Verses, choruses and bridges and so on seem to...
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    Which Tama kit should I buy?

    Drum noob here, currently saving some $$ to buy a kit. I'm definitely going to go with a Tama kit. The newer Starclassic Maple kits look great, but I'll go with an older used kit to save some $$$ for some cymbals. I'm looking at the Tama wikipedia page, the 'discontinued' section, but I'm...
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    Setups & Songwriting

    New guy here. Want to get a drum kit soon, but first I want to learn as much about them as possible. I want either some books or YouTube vids that cover these two things: 1) how the drums/cymbals are placed and set up. I'd like to see something where it shows a 1st person view, and shows the...
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    Alesis DM5 kit - which heads?

    I love drums but I can't afford an acoustic kit, and most importantly, can't afford the loud sound of it. I've never played drums at all but I really want to start! I'm thinking of just getting an electronic kit to start me off until I'm in a new place and am out of the neighbors' site. The...
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    Why can't I hear tones when tuning?

    I'm trying to tune my snare, both the batter and resonant side. I'm going around it tapping it with my finger and with the tuning key but I'm having a really difficult time hearing some kind of tone coming from hitting it. I think my ears are really good (I'm a guitarist if you couldn't tell...)...
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    Snare Trigger

    I'm looking to get just a single one for my snare drum. I've heard a lot about ddrum stuff so I'm probably going to go with that. There's a cheap Red Shot snare trigger and the Acoustic Snare Pro trigger. Considering the price I'm thinking the Pro version is probably the better one. I'm unsure...
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    Tuning a Resonant snare side head The show gets started a little after 5 minutes. I'm trying to tune my resonant side head but I'm not hearing nearly anything resembling the kinds of pitches he's getting on that snare. Those are obvious but mine sound very ambiguous. I'm tapping mine...
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    Did they stop manufacturing the Ambassador Snare Side in Clear?

    All I'm finding is the hazy version of this, the clear version seems nowhere to be found. I did find a Marching version of a clear snare side ambassador but I'm not sure that will work.
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    Is this a Tama steel snare?

    I'm not a drummer so I don't know much about the different types of snares out there, but there's a particular sound that I'm after. It looks like either the head has a Tama logo and Stainless Steel Shell written around it, or that's a muffle ring or whatever it's called. Is that what that...
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    Cymbals applied to songwriting

    I'm not a drummer. I'm trying to learn more about them since I'm programming them for my demos. I'm learning by looking at drummers play on Youtube and by listening to my favorite songs. What's confusing me the most is cymbals, especially crash cymbals. I've noticed that a typical metal...