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    GMS G28

    Ordered this from Indoor Storm and just got it today GMS G28 6.5x14 Snare Drum in light blue Also, anyone have experience with snare drums that have deep snare beds? This drum's bed is pretty deep and i'm having trouble getting the snares tensioned right. Towards the rim, the snares...
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    My band Pure Decibels! Rock n Roll!!

    What's up everyone? I play in a rock band called Pure Decibels out of Somersworth/East Kingston, NH. Check us out at and please friend us if you or band has a myspace aswell!! We will be releasing our first EP within in the next couple of days that we recorded at...
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    k, so everytime i hit my small rack tom, it makes the snare wires buzz. how do you tune the small rack tom, or snare, so that doesnt happen?