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    bass pedal foot rests??

    hey guys, i've discovered that if i have something to rest my heal on that's slightly elevated off the back of the pedal that it feels really nice. kinda hard to explain so let me show you a picture of what i mean. does any company sell something like this or do i need to go to a machine...
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    "light" rides

    i'm looking for a ride with a lot of character but is light enough to be crashed..if you know what i mean. and i also don't want to spend more than 200 on it. recommendations?
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    question about toms

    hey guys, i started drumming pretty recently and i have come to a problem in my drumming. i really like the sound i'm getting from my toms, but the heads aren't very tight and i don't get much rebound from them, and it makes it really hard roll on them. is there any way to get the same sound but...
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    help me learn this little lick lick from :28 to :38. i tried to play it by ear and failed miserably. i really love the sound of it, and it would be perfect for this part of a song in my band. any help would be greatly appreciated.