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    New Weird Al Polka Medley!

    Has Al ever entertained the idea of doing EVERY polka in a future set list? That would be great. Just to hear The Reflex again...sublime! Dan
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    New Weird Al Polka Medley!

    Bermuda, just heard it tonight and it sounds great. What was your setup like? The usual Ludwiggy Sabianny thing? Dan
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    Joe Morello

    Used to call him every year on this day, and it was always a blast. Glad to know you, Joe! Dan
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    What's your favorite snare drum TODAY?

    5x14 Hammered Bronze Ludwig. It's got everything-power, sensitivity, and tone. It was good enough for Carlos Vega, so it's good enough for me. Dan
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    The Anti-Compact Kit

    It's a hip-injury. Imagine transporting it? Dan
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    Rogers Dynasonic "Big R" USA sound

    That snare sounds almost identical to the one on "Come And Get Your Love" by Redbone. There are live videos where the drummer is indeed playing a deep Dyna. Dan
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    First Time Mixing and Editing Live Music Videos - Zombie Cover by Music City Misfits

    Your singer has a great voice. Editing is something you'll get better at as you go. You're fortunate to have lots of "coverage". Dan
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    Scammers Pretending to Be Famous Drummers

    I remember the Sonny Igoe listing. That was really funny. I took lessons from him in the 80s. I only ever saw that black Slingerland kit. Dan
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    How Would You React to Singer Cursing Your Playing On Stage?

    Of course I wouldn't like it, but I'd take it on the chin. I'd wait till the show is over, maybe even the tour if things didn't improve. If someone is being childish or unprofessional, there's not much you can do. You certainly can't be childish back. If you walk during a live set, you'll be...
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    Reverb Misleading Listings Practice

    Ah, yes, just another way to screw the buying public. Thanks for the info. And I'm surprised at DCNH. Dan
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    Lots of booked-then-cancelled situations over the past 2 years. Anyone else?

    There was an epidemic near me of bars PURPOSELY double-booking bands, then cancelling one, in the hope that the following from two bands showed. You'd think that only Irving Azoff pulls things like that, but dirty pool is everywhere. Dan
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    Modern equivalent to Pearl World Series - no luck finding a matching floor tom...

    See if an original Session Series floor tom pops up. That's what I understand became of World Series, and might be a good sonic match. Dan
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    Drum Forum

    I'm on both. Dan
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    Playing drums without a band: what keeps you motivated?

    I was without a band from 1997-2005(an eternity!), but I still did little one-offs, studio work, and sub gigs till I found more like-minded people. I just kept projecting myself into the future, knowing that someone would say "call" at any time and I had to be ready. I really did enjoy the...
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    Band wants to move to a silent stage.

    People don't always realize that monitors add to stage volume, too. Separate monitors for vox and guitars? Stereo vocals? Your bandmates sound high-maintenance to me. Just my opinion, but those things aren't even reasonable, and add to overall volume concerns. Dan
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    Band wants to move to a silent stage.

    Oof. I can't say that it would be inspiring, but neither have I tried it. Is there a particular reason why this is being brought forth? Is the band's stage volume out of control? Dan
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    Gear Failure at Gigs

    Garden Weasel was this tool sold on late night TV, it "did everything" and it was cheap! Dan
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    Expanding, need double rack tom mount for 80s Ludwig 22 x 16, possibly triple

    Considering where the badge is, it looks like the mount is actually too close on the other side. Or, am I missing something? Dan
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    What parts of drumming are you "done" or "over it?"

    A couple of my deal-breakers: Outdoor gig with no overhead protection. Instant NO. Gigs below my minimum asking price. Having to sell tickets to a show. "Exposure" gigs. People with drug/alcohol problems. It's not that I'm not sympathetic, I just don't want to go down with the ship. Delusional...