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    Vinyl Records

    I am a millennial last of the 80s, 89 to be exact. I grew up in the early 90s and would listen to my parents play records all the time. Ottis Redding, Temptation’s, lots of blues I mean I have to give it to my parents they gave me a great musical foundation that vinyl was a part of. The pops in...
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    Vinyl Records

    That was a master class response! I agree with you 100%. Having a record is like having tangible music you can cover all the senses, feel, touch, smell and especially hear! They need to make a come back and from what I read they out sold cds this year for the first time in a few decades.
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    Vinyl Records

    I’ve really have fallen for the sound of vinyl records. Recently bought a few of my favorite bands along with my blues collection I’ve accumulated over the years. I’ve been amazed at how they sound so good. What’s the latest album you have collected?
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    What is your favourite kit you own now and why ?

    This is my other lady. Original 1971 Red Ludwig Vistalite. Put her back together from the shells up. Shout out drum factory direct
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    What is your favourite kit you own now and why ?

    Rebuild I did a while back love this kit. 1970s mahogany/birch Premier.
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    Your practice area set ups

    My full set up right now.
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    New Drummer: Suggestions on how to start?

    Play everyday and and you will get good.
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    Who remembers the OCDP kits of the 90/2000s

    I miss those kits by Orange County Drums from the 90s/2000s. The first shows I ever saw live back in the day, all the drummers played ocdp. I heard they sold out to China. Sad I loved the way they sound.
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    Do you have fun practicing?

    I love playing so to me it’s doesn’t seem like practicing it just something you love doing.
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    Sticks ,Nylon Vrs. Wood tip ?

    Wood for me sounds the best and produces a rich sound.
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    Best movie soundtrack

    Prince- Batman 1989 “keaton” He created that whole album/movie sound track always thought that was impressive!
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    Budget Black Beauty I got my black magic here. Hope this helps
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    What's the most popular size of Ride Cymbal?

    24 Zildjian K Light, 24 Meinl Byzance are my two favorites. I like a ride I can crash on and have that full dark washy sustain.
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    Pics of your pets!!

    My love
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    24 vs 22 Kick

    Diameter wise I like to stay around the 18” range. I’ve had some 20s though. For me it’s just preferable nothing against the sound.