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  1. J

    Eminem, DMX, Obie Trice - Go To Sleep, acoustic drums

    Cover of the song, playthrough plus my own stuff on top. Double pedals. (file was too large for direct upload)
  2. J

    A new cover, it's been a while *shrugs*

    Have Heart - Life is Hard Enough (drum cover)
  3. J

    Last cover in a while

    Drum cover: Verse - Sons and Daughters
  4. J

    My internal motivation is gone

    Recorded and put out another cover today, felt hollow. Not really feeling it anymore. I gotta start making my own stuff.
  5. J

    My internal motivation is gone

    My sig is an Atomic Robo -reference. Great comic books.
  6. J

    My internal motivation is gone

    I think the original idea was to build a "portfolio" on social media like this, so that I can point people to various resources if they want to know what I play/how I sound. Thus the need for perfection, so I could find other players to create original music with.
  7. J

    My internal motivation is gone

    A long break off playing, over a month actually. Now I recorded a cover today for my own fun. I found out I couldn't just sit around and play Cyberpunk 2077 all day long. I had to strive to do that next big thing (for myself) on the kit.
  8. J

    Drum Cover: First Blood - First Blood

    yeah the mixing is a nightmare on the phone with an app. headphones?
  9. J

    Drum Cover: First Blood - First Blood

    catching up to the track in the beginning
  10. J

    My internal motivation is gone

    Thanks folks. I did record again today, another imperfect cover, but I love doing them even with my meager equipment. It was a matter of resting, getting better clarity on what I want to do and following the inspiration. The results are in the "Your Playing" -forum. :)
  11. J

    Drum cover - Harms Way - Become a Machine

    Once again imperfect but I gotta record when I feel like it. Link below:
  12. J

    My internal motivation is gone

    That's what it has been like most of my drumming. I have picked up what I needed but not much in the way of rudiments or stick control, but lately before I got sick I have done the Tommy Igoe program for hands. Most of my "practice" is trying to get a song right then recording it these days...
  13. J

    My internal motivation is gone

    I'm listening to Pressfield right now, trying to ignite the passion I had when starting the whole "serious practice" thing years ago. I recorded a bunch of covers, and no matter how much I liked them, I can't find motivation to record another one. I prefer to use live recordings from youtube to...
  14. J

    Drum cover song: Darkest Hour - A thousand words to say but one

    I miss the first two notes :( Link below:
  15. J

    Knocked Loose - Mistakes Like Fractures (live version) Drum Cover

    Dropbox link to file. Low drum volume in this clip. In mixing I have to balance the cymbal noise with the snare and kick. Kinda challenging.
  16. J

    Pic of yourself

    Me at the practice room last Sunday.
  17. J

    Cover song

    I don't think the link works. I'll upload the cover and another one with raw drum audio.
  18. J

    Australian hip hop on acoustic drums

    yeah. I forgot to mention myself playing. The mixes are raw/subdued because I record too close to my kit.
  19. J

    Australian hip hop on acoustic drums

    One of my favorite groups.
  20. J

    Beginner frustration. Need advice.

    Dude I missed this totally. LOL. I was feeling helpful. 🤷‍♂️