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  1. spantney

    Metal appreciation thread

    I'm a proper metalhead and I tell you what, there is no shortage of incredible drumming talent at the moment. A couple of my favourites are; Alex Rudinger who is actually filling in for Whitechapel at the moment: Chris Turner of Oceans Ate Alaska: Ali Richardson of Bleed From Within...
  2. spantney


    Thank you Harry, its good to be back. The forum does seem a bit quieter nowadays though!
  3. spantney


    I've had to split my thread into 2 parts as I ran into a character limit. Here is the last bit which is all my kit specs! Mapex Saturn III in Galaxy Blue Burst (practice kit) 22 x 20 kick 8 x 7 rack (rarely used) 10 x 8 rack (rarely used) 12 x 8 rack 16 x 16 floor DW Design Acrylic (comes...
  4. spantney


    Hi all, My name is Tony and I'm actually not a new drummer world member! I joined the forum back in 2006 as a fresh faced 18 year old, posted for a few years and then life got in the way I guess... The last time I signed in was over 8 years ago. I thought it was about high time I sorted that...
  5. spantney

    Demo track from my band

    Hey all, Thought I would upload one of the new demo tracks from my metal band 'Breathe New Life'. This track is called 'Release Expose Believe' and was written before I joined the band. Very old-schooly IMO and I'm starting to write some more technical stuff with the band now. That being...
  6. spantney

    Picture of my kits and pies!

    Been a little while since I last posted and I've picked up a few things recently. Gave my drums a well needed clean aswell. Thought I would post a few quick pics of the main stuff I'm using at the moment. Here ya go; Both are Mapex Saturns. Blue kit is my road kit for rehersals, gigs and the...
  7. spantney

    Lots and lots and lots of new stuff!

    Hey all! Sorry for the essay but I thought I would start with a bit of a synopsis of whats happened in my drum purchasing history! I've been a busy bee since last year with drum purchases, and now I'm in 2 bands which both are going to start having a fairly large gigging schedule, plus been in...
  8. spantney

    Just got a noise complaint!

    Hey all, I just wanted to vent a little as I'm extremely annoyed to find out via a letter from the local council that somebody has complained about excessive noise from my drumming. I'll explain the situation a little. I've been playing drums 10 years now, all 10 years at this house, all 10...
  9. spantney

    Stupid noises while drumming!

    Title may be a bit weird but I'll explain. I was sitting down playing my electric kit quite hard, when I was done I turned around to find a couple of my bandmates in quite hysterical laughter. After about 5-10 minutes of prodding and punching them to get the answer of why they were laughing so...
  10. spantney

    WARNING: Brand spanking new drums inside

    Hi all!! I finally bit the bullet and got the new drum kit I have always wanted. Before I post any more information I'm assuming you want pictures so here we go! I've got 8 x 8 and 10 x 8 rack toms being made for me at the moment so I'm itching to get those Specs are the...
  11. spantney

    What in these boxes? :-D

    Heres a big clue: If you are all on your best behaviour I may post some more :-P
  12. spantney

    My Mapex Pro-M kit :-)

    Hey all, Been a fair while since I last posted on the boards and as of recent I've invested quite a bit of money in my babies. I like to think I'm helping England through the credit crunch ;-) Anyway on to the pictures. Unfortunately due to the placement of the drums in my garage I can't get...
  13. spantney

    New kit and new additions to old!

    Hey everyone. Haven't been on here in a fair while but would like to wish you all a merry christmas and show you what I've got in recent times! First lovely parents bought me a PDP drum rack for my mapex Pro-M kit which is just the mutts nuts. Very sturdy stuff and it looks awesome...