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  1. Mikecore

    Ever had something on your kit that the sound guy DIDN’T like?

    Most complaints were directed at the number of toms on the kit. All of that went away after more frequent gigging convinced me to cut the kit down to something a little more basic. I've actually been complimented on my snare sound. Sound engineers tend to operate on a "garbage in, garbage out"...
  2. Mikecore

    Has your Dream kit changed over the years ?

    I always wanted a "library" of drums from which to assemble any kind of setup I wanted. I started building it in the summer of 2021. The brands have changed over the years but the concept never really did.
  3. Mikecore

    Gretsch Renown & DW Performance: Why $$ Difference?

    Different tiers and different options. Renowns are probably a lot closer to the Design series overall, but DW tends to limit size and config options as a cost-saving measure. Side by side, Gretsch makes it easier to dial in the sizes and setup of your rig without wasting a lot of cash on stuff...
  4. Mikecore

    DW sold to Roland?

    My gut reaction is that as long as the hardware remains as useful as it has to me all these years, then the rest is just boardroom concerns. In the world of mergers and/or acquisitions, a duplication of services would spell danger for one brand or the other, but in this case I think this move...
  5. Mikecore

    Tom angles!!!!

    If Salvador Dali was a drummer...
  6. Mikecore

    Tama Artstar II Limited

    Is that what I think it is?
  7. Mikecore

    Shell size variance?

    Even my brand new Keller shells come a bit undersized. Anywhere from 1/8 to 1/4 inch. It's good for a couple reasons. One, you want a little bit of "tympani overhang" as the head sits on the shell so that the outer edge of the head isn't "hugging" the sides of the shell. Also, if you have a mind...
  8. Mikecore

    Please! Post Your Marine/Oyster/Pearloid Wrap Kits Here:

    Rebuilt PDP in turquoise oyster; 10/13/16/20. Rebuilt Fibes, using old white onyx PDP shells; 10/12/14/22.
  9. Mikecore

    What's your latest purchase?

    Some 90 degree XLR pigtails so my tom mics can fit under the small cymbals and hats living above them. They clock in at around 15 each on Amazon, so I only got 4 of them.
  10. Mikecore

    Fibes > Corder > Darwin > ? > Fibes

    I think Darwin WAS that short-lived company. My first kit was an old Fibes, so I was always keen to spot those lugs on whatever was in the pages of MD back then. I also noted how quickly DW snapped up that slide-track mount after Darwin disappeared.
  11. Mikecore

    Fuseing the shell

    I did this with my re-rings after seeing how Tama does it. It seems to work right now, but ask me in 5 years how they held up lol!
  12. Mikecore

    Drum Prices Getting Absurd?

    With regard to pricing: MOST of the drums and cymbals I've had over the years have been the result of buying used, unexpected winfall or taking advantage of savings/investments. Only now (after getting a better job and leveraging some benefits from the last job) do I actually have the ability...
  13. Mikecore

    Drum Prices Getting Absurd?

    Actually, "Someone else can finish it." should just be the last line of the song...or at least the chorus.
  14. Mikecore

    Odd Drum Size Idea

    Odd-sized drums have existed in various forms for a long time. The idea of sticking with mostly even-numbered sizes is relatively new (and might have as much to do with a manufacturer's inventory situation as any kind of musical consideration). 7x11 inch toms used to be the smaller alternative...
  15. Mikecore

    How many kits do you own?

    I have 2 right now. One is a rebuilt Fibes kit using old PDP shells with 8x10, 9x12 and 12x14 toms and 18x22 bass drum. The other is my rebuilt PDP shell bank, a few examples of which can be seen here. Much like justadrummer, the intent is to have a "library" of drums from which to assemble...
  16. Mikecore

    PDP Drums

    As far as I can tell, there are five distinct productions of DW/PDP oval lug drums. Phase 1. DW "Workshop Series", which was the original basis for the PDP lug design, but I think it had more raised contours on the face of the lug. Phase 2. Early PDP, which had smaller mounting screws and was...
  17. Mikecore

    Applying pedal effects to drums?

    I've considered this as well, but it occurs to me that hearing the FX sounds as I am playing, especially with good in-ears, would change how I even play the kit in the first place, and I would want that whether live or in studio. A good example would be catching the rhythmic pulse of a digital...
  18. Mikecore

    Applying pedal effects to drums?

    Guitar effects pedals are designed to work on an audio signal. Every part of that signal chain from the humbuckers to the Marshalls can be peeled off and amplified to hear what is happening at that particular point. Drum pads, on the other hand, do NOT generate an audio signal...or at least not...
  19. Mikecore

    12" rack with 24" kick? Ridiculous?

    One of my setups uses a 12" over a 26" bass (12/15/18/26). Works just fine.
  20. Mikecore

    Remote Doubles?

    It would require double pedals with single-post remotes and a bit of flexibility (DW MFG or possibly Axis), and I would use Trick shafts no matter what, but there is a way to get at least 2 different bass drums in front of you with double kick on each. The single posts are needed to allow...