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  1. Jon B

    New Tom Heads - Tama SC Birch

    Greetings all! I'm in search of some new heads for my Starclassic birch drums, toms in particular. I hope this is the right place and an acceptable thread, I've not posted in the last 6-7 years if memory serves (life got very busy)! After a 5 year hiatus in playing, I'm able to play regularly...
  2. Jon B

    Looking for info on new snare drum

    Hey all, recently I was helping a buddy move some of his stuff around and he's been getting rid of his older drum stuff lately. He let me have this snare for helping (he knows I've liked it for years and he never plays anymore, no time with work). Best I can tell it's a ludwig acrolite. I've got...
  3. Jon B

    Staining Shells

    Alright, so over the summer I've been considering staining the inside of my shells, or painting or something. Will this hurt the shells? I haven't really considered type of coating, paint, lacquer, stain, etc., is there one that would be better? I assume that lacquer and stain won't greatly...
  4. Jon B

    Drum book for odd time signatures

    Hey guys, recently I've been interested in learning more about odd time signatures. I understand how to count them and all, but I'd like to learn more, kinda have a more solid foundation. Any ideas on books covering stuff like 5/4, 5/8, etc?
  5. Jon B


    Recently i saw Steve Moore live again, and the show was, as per usual, awesome! since then, I've been trying to get into "trick drumming" more than before. On set I'm starting from square zero (i have some experience on snare drum though), so does anyone have some pointers or basic tricks i...
  6. Jon B

    Sticks too light

    Alright, lately ive been having the issue of my sticks being too light. They're my marching sticks, and i have to use this specific type (ralph hardimon signatures), and they have to be taped in white electrical tape. Im wondering if there is a way i can make my sticks heavier without messing...
  7. Jon B

    Hi hat stand problem

    I need someway to get my hi hat stand closer to my bass drum pedal. I recently converted from a double pedal to 2 singles, and now I cant get my hi hat in close enough. I know there is some kind of clamp or something to attach the hi hats to your bass drum hoop, but im not sure how those work...
  8. Jon B

    Strap drive for speed cobra?

    Does anyone know where i could get a strap drive for my speed cobras? Would the iron cobra flexi glide straps work? Is there another place? Could i just make my own if there are none available?
  9. Jon B

    remo snare question

    hey guys! the question today is about the remo emperor x. I love my cs coated x, and i really like the tone i get, but im looking for a beefier, fatter sound, would the emperor x accomplish this? What kind of tone would it give in comparison to my cs coated x?
  10. Jon B

    what book should I get?

    hi guys! I'm taking a trip to the local guitar center later this week and I want to grab a book while I'm there. I get out of school soon and I've decided its time to get back to learning, or at least practicing drums. Plus, I haven't been reading or learning out of a book since i first...
  11. Jon B

    speed cobra springs

    Alright guys, the question I have is: are the high tension iron cobra springs tighter, looser, or equal to the tension the stock speed cobra springs (called super springs on tama's site)?
  12. Jon B

    Trouble with 12" Tom

    Alright Folks! Here's my conundrum: I have 4 toms (all rack, tama 100% birch performer) sized 8x7, 10x8, 12x8, 16x14. The 8, 10, and 16 tune beautifully! However the 12 inch WILL. NOT. TUNE. The issue seems to be that I cannot for the life of me get it to tune low enough. The 10 can drop...
  13. Jon B

    "Squishiest" drum throne

    Hey all! I was wondering what the squishiest drum throne is. I sat on a few at the guitar center the other day and found that the squishier ones where I sunk down more were more comfy to me. Anyone know some really squishy ones?
  14. Jon B

    Mesh heads

    Alright! I have one of those "tuneable" drum pads laying around and i hate using it (too loud) and I remember hearing you can change the head on them, but would I be able to put a mesh head on it? Im looking for a super quiet pad, like even quieter than "normal" gum rubber pads, and i figured...
  15. Jon B

    Heads for low tuning

    looking for suggestions on heads that will help me get the lowest tone I can out of my tama 100% birch performers. I currently have emperors over ambassadors, tuned as low as they can go with out having the dull thud sound, but just high enough that they resonate and have a bunch of attack...
  16. Jon B

    Quiet playing

    Alright folks, heres the riddle. My friend and i have a really cool duet in our winter percussion show, but it has to be quiet so we dont stomp on the pit. currently we use these mallets (tenor drums) mt3a the problem is they have no...
  17. Jon B

    Free floating snare question

    Alright, lately ive been wondering 2 things. 1. is there somewhere i can buy metal shells in a larger size, like 14x12 (this will make sense in a second) 2. Could i modify a free floating system from a pearl marching snare to fit normal concert snare wires? is it possible to buy longer tension...
  18. Jon B

    Getting Gigs/Bands

    Hi all! I'm a younger drummer (14, 15 this year) and lately ive been getting more and more frustrated with making a band/gigging. I want to play in a serious band, so I want talented musicians, the problem is that there seems not to be any in the area. Ive put postings on Craigslist and other...
  19. Jon B

    Big tom first?

    Hi all! Lately ive seen a few youtube videos of people putting their toms "backwards" or the big tom where the little one usually goes. For example, usually the set up is 12" 13" 16", but its set up as 13" 12" 16". What is the though behind this? I was thinking about it and it could work if...
  20. Jon B

    Shoes for drumming

    Hi all! The shoes ive drummed in for 2 years (only been drumming 3 1/2) are hanging on to life by a final thread, and i was thinking today that i would just get another pair. Well i looked online and i saw they are no longer produced, so i was wondering "oh no, what do i do!" I came across...