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  1. BassDriver

    OCD and drumming

    Hello Drummerworld, It has been a while since I have been on the forums. I used to browse and write pretty often and got familiar with others. I lost a bit of interest in drumming and do not do much practice from 2013 to now because I was really busy studying a science degree at university in...
  2. BassDriver

    Getting back to the drums after a long break...

    I have not played drums for about two months and I am thinking of getting into some sort of practice routine to maintain and improve technique so that, when I get back to playing with my stage band in March next year, I am prepared for whatever repertoire we will be handed. We play mostly jazz...
  3. BassDriver

    Pulling apart a Tama hi hat stand

    I have a Tama Roadpro Hi-hat Stand (HH75WN) Its parts are shown in this diagram: I want to know how to remove the chain assembly from the lower pull rod. I also want to know how to remove the lower pull rod and spring assembly...
  4. BassDriver

    Drumkit in a theater pit

    These photos are long overdue... ...they show the drumkit that I used for my high school's musical this year (performed in July) in a theater pit (where the band sits)... The drums, cowbell, china cymbal and hardware are mine while the rest of the cymbals (crash, hats and ride) are borrowed...
  5. BassDriver


    I found out a few weeks ago about this website called It seems like a way of get your music out there on the net with individual tracks getting their own embed URL. As musicians how do you find something like this? Revolutionary? Helpful? Great? ...or... Pathetic...
  6. BassDriver

    Going to do some pit work for a musical

    Yep...the performance is in about a month and a half. I have already been practicing the different songs of the musical with the pit band (so far so good), and so I am just asking for advice on what would help on the days that we perform. I am (planning on) bringing my own drumkit. Now I have...
  7. BassDriver

    Swearing Fines

    Is this not over the top?! I know there are forum rules about what you can and cannot say and what you can discuss (eg. politics)...but I think this is absolutely ridiculous. What about movies?...they are...
  8. BassDriver

    Wobbly drum throne

    I have noticed that after playing drums for a few hours the Tama drum throne I sit on gets wobbly (I am not sure which model it is but it does not seem to be any that are being sold any more - it has double braced legs, a round seat and a threaded vertical shaft). The wing nut tightening the...
  9. BassDriver

    Jam Session: 7 April

    Another fun jam that I recorded on my camcorder. Public Transport - Public Enemy Number One: I know the voice isn't heard very well, the PA was actually put at the back of the stage and so it was blasting at quite a loud volume into my ears. A Blues...
  10. BassDriver

    How are analog formats doing?

    When it comes to listening to music it seems that digital has dominated with the popularity of CDs and MP3s. Is the analog age collecting dust or are there any more advancements just as there have been in recent years with digital? I was surprised when I found out a Melbourne community radio...
  11. BassDriver

    Silent Snare Strainers

    Are there any snare strainers that don't make that annoying snap when they are engaged? I have seen the Trick snare strainer which engages silently but are there any others?
  12. BassDriver

    Being in the moment

    How many of you live in the moment? ...or maybe you just reserve that for when you'are drumming? How do you think that affects your drumming? ...what is it like? I thought about this after I took notice of how musicians look when they are performing a piece of music that is really grooving...
  13. BassDriver

    Jam Session: 2 December 2010

    This is an improvised jam that I did last year. Let me know what you think.
  14. BassDriver

    Does anyone play video games?

    Good to see people that share similar interests; I have a taste for nicely done flash games that get freely distributed on the net aswell as FPSs. I remember the first FPS I played was Golden Eye 007 on the Nintendo 64. Then in 2009 I played the game on a Nintendo 64 emulator on PC and it was...
  15. BassDriver

    Nietzsche's Philosophy and Drums

    Is there any other element of Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy that you think is applicable to the art of drumming? "Art is the proper task of life." "Art raises its head where creeds relax." "In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play." "Many a man fails as an original thinker...
  16. BassDriver

    Speech vs Writing

    I'm writing a holiday homework essay as part of the high school English Language class about the importance of speech over writing. ...and I'm asking the drummerworld community... What do you think is worse?: To not be able to read and write?...or to not be able to hear and talk?. From there...
  17. BassDriver

    Hemp Drums

    I was thinking... ...if wood is a fibrous material and is used to make drum kits, and hemp can also be used as great source of strong fibres...could you make a drum kit out of shells made from hemp? I heard that a snare drum has been made from hemp:
  18. BassDriver

    For those that have "made it" in the music biz

    Did you find yourself living on the edge of the abyss?
  19. BassDriver

    Dizzy Gillespie's Birthday

    Yes, that's right, it is the late great jazz trumpeter's 93rd birthday. Time for listening to those timeless swing and early bop tracks:
  20. BassDriver

    Toms of consistent depth

    I had an interesting discussion with a drum teacher about the sonic properties associated with drum shell dimensions. ...and I was explained that you could keep all of the toms on your kit with the same depth and the only variable being diameter. This would mean that the drums could differ in...