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  1. superbatmat

    My work with singer songwriter Charlou Nada

    Hi everybody, Take a listen to my new collaboration with singer, songwriter Charlou Nada. I play drum, electronic and do a lot of production on this track ! The album we'll be released on september 12th ! Thank you all best
  2. superbatmat


    Hi everybody !! Is there some drummer from Iceland here ??? Because I think I will come there in october !! Maybe it would be great to meet some other drummer from there !!!!! Let me now... Matt
  3. superbatmat

    Me and my DW's with Swiss singer Charlou Nada !

    Hope you'll like this vid's !! Thanks for your coments guys !! all the best
  4. superbatmat

    New Stuff

    Hi everyone !!! What a long time without news from myself !! haha ... So... Here is two vid's of me with a friend of mine.... A new album will be record in january... I'll give you more news soon if you like it...
  5. superbatmat

    My Trash/Jazz band ...

    Check this vid of my band called Newsic Syndicate... Trash/jazz... come on
  6. superbatmat

    My jazz Quartet

    Hi everybody... Here's one vid of my jazz quartet "Good Blend" ... That's a tune wrote by our flute player Amin Mokdad Antonio Vivenzio (Italy) - piano Daniele Cortese (Italy) - Bass Amin Mokdad (Swiss) - Flute Matthieu Amstutz (Swiss) - Drums There is a free drum solo in the middle of the...
  7. superbatmat

    Practice routine...

    Hi guys ! I need your help right now !!! I can work the drums for three hour a day and I don't know how I have to work ! I work on jazz stuff, latin stuff, rock, brushes, technique, play along... I don't know how to organize my time ... ... Some Ideas ??????? thanks so much....
  8. superbatmat

    Me trying to play jazz...

    H, Here is some audio files with me on drums.. I try to play jazz but It's very difficult to be constant in sound or groove (swing) all coment or critic are welcome... one file with john Riley play along and one solo..
  9. superbatmat

    jazz ride cymbals

    Hi everyone ! What do you think about working Swing with metronom ??? wait for you posts...
  10. superbatmat

    New Istambul cymbals

    Just bought two weks ago new Istambul cymbals... A traditional Medium Crash 18'' ! soooooooo cool ! A Trash-Hit 12'' Really nice sound. I never like splash sound but trash hit sound perfect for me... AND... A Empire jazz ride 21'' The best ride cymbals I ever play... I like the sound ...
  11. superbatmat

    video with me on drums

    Tell me what you think about my playing and band caled Newsic Syndicate... Thanks
  12. superbatmat

    new tracks from our first album !!!

    Hi, please check the myspace of my band "Newsic Syndicate" Our first alubum comming in january... You can listen to 2 new tracks from it and one other... Comments would be great about the band, my drumming or other... Thank you very much... Newsic Syndicate
  13. superbatmat

    big problem

    hi, I have a big problem. I am in a professional music school and I played the drums of course. The drums class are really good, but the problem is that the theory of music only talking about classical music: counterpoint, history (classical), music theory, harmony and many other things...
  14. superbatmat

    Me with Gaetan Breton

    What do you think about this music, my drumming... ?? thanks so much for your comments... link 1 link 2
  15. superbatmat

    Remo Fiberskyn

    Have anybody tried this kind of drum head ???? What do you thinf about it ????