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    Switching brands

    Been a die hard sonor player since about 89 or so. I just put my last sonor gigging kit to rest and now am gigging yamaha ecliusive. Maple absolute 20, 10, 12, 14 and birch absolute 18, 10, 12, 14, 14. Was able to pick both kits up ( used ) for less than one sonor kit, still have a phonic ( 18...
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    How does Ludwig Keep Prices down?

    Just wondering, it seems as if their USA made custom maples are about 1000 cheaper than a similar gretsch, DW even C and C. how do they do it? I know the legacy's are a bit pricier, I'm assuming the extra work installing the solid wood re-rings has somethind to do with that, but I'm really...
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    Yamaha Snare Crazy

    Don't know what happened, been playing Sonor exclusively since 1989 or so, recently got two yamaha kits, club custom 10, 12, 14, 20 and a beech custom 10, 12, 14, 18 (x14). Within the last week I went yamaha snare crzy and bought three 6.5x14 birch custom absolute 4x14 birch custom ( with the...
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    Yamaha Beech Custom Bop kit

    Scored one, pretty rare I think, trad tom sizes , 14x18 kick sound pretty good, not as much presence as my sonor phonics but hald the weight! yamaha beech 007 by pcastag1, on Flickr yamaha beech 006 by pcastag1, on Flickr
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    Gretsch Round Badge Snare

    Just picked one up in pretty good shape to go along with my blue sparkle premiers. Anybody have much experience with these? So far it has that boxy sound that some people love, it's got the adjustable butt and a non original throw with one extra hole. Got her for a good price so she may be a...
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    Vintage mahogany Premier Vid

    just set them up, old heads
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    sonor phonic jungle conversion

    My 17 year old jammin on the phonic jungle kit
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    Gretsch 57's keep getting cheaper!!!

    Really? With full hardware pack? Should've waited another couple of weeks! PC
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    Mehmets for sale

    19" sultan- 150 shipped ( 48) 22" turk- 200 shipped (") 21" nostalgia 200 shipped (") PC PC
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    How many kits is too many.

    I just rose up to 4, sonor delite, newport and phonic, yamaha club custom. Only three snares. All of the kits are so unique and sound so good I can't really depart with one. Am I a drum hoarder?
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    club custom score

    Just got me some club customs, 8x12, 13x14, 15x20 and 5.5x14. Been banging on them all afternoon, love them. You can tune them up ticght, no choking and they keep their body. This is the first true modern "vintage " kit I've heard. PC
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    Been on a roll, bought a 22 turk that just arrived yesterday, already own a legend 22 and my son has a legend dark 22. Just the best sounding trad cymbals I've heard. Love them!
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    Why no love for Vintage Premier?

    The kits are so well made, chroming beautiful, bearing edges tight and right, reinforcement hoops solid, rarely go out of round, beautiful vintage sound. I don't understand the lack of love for them, I bought my kid a 12, 14, 20 birch and just picked up a 14 mahogany snare. Such nice drums!!
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    New Sonor Phonic Re-issue

    Just scored the 5.75 x14 model in rosewood inside and out. I've previously owned two of the 6.5 models but I never ended up using them much on gigs, I prefer shallower snares. Used her last night for the first time, still haven't gotten the drum totally dialed in yet but what a sound! Typical...
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    Sakae Owners

    Any out there? This is my second snare, the first was a beech snare, sold it , got this one, bubinga, a MONSTER. PC
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    sonor newport v. delite

    Over at the museum I was getting a couple of questions about how these sounded compared to my other sonors. Here's a side by side comparison. PC
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    Noodling on Newport Beech, Sonor

    Just set them up yesterday, floors straight outa da box! Snare is a premier royal ace, going up for sale soon! ( the snare)
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    Sonor Newports Arrived today!

    10, 12, 14, 16, 22, just banging on them in the living room, will set them up this weekend in the shed. Beautiful typical sonor craftsmanship, just great stuff. These are going for great prices when compared to sonors other offerings, check them out if you like the sizes , finish and love beech. PC
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    Best snares you've scored for under 100 bucks

    1.. Yamaha Piccolo with the little bras lugs- 75 2 . Legend posphor bronze piccolo- 90 3. Premier hi fi 10 lug seamless aluminm - 75. 4. Premier brass 10 lugger - 75
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    Bearing Edge Snare Drum Company

    Anybody ever played one of these? I remember looking at the drums some years back and really digging the look, all I can find is that the company went under some time back amidst some very unsrupulous business practices. Anyways looks like the guy has resurfaced on e-bay and I culdn't resist...