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    Bonham with Elton, audio!

    Thanks,i really thought that was great........
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    Mic Stand for Dummers.

    Looking for a nice stand.All i see are the cheap ones,that don't stay where you want them. Interested in seeing what other fellow singing drummers have.Thanks.....
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    When Snare Drums Dont sound the same.....

    What gives with me and snares????? After finding a sweet sound,i think, after a while i just start cranking down so tight that it dont have that crisp clean sound.......Then when i back off i can never get that sound back. Is the head damaged from being so tight???? Advice for snare tuning...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    That pedal looks really well made .I Cant quite make out the name on the case,but im assuming its in the Tama family? If so whats the difference Besides the beater between this and the Iron Cobra??
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    Niagara falls

    Looking to visit the Falls for the first time.Any tips as where to stay,looking for nice view that wont break the bank.Thanks in Advance.
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    Crush Drums

    Looking from anyone that has a kit..........How are they in a Micd live venue.Sound wise, Do they sound full ? are they Weak??? Ive been on the edge about grabbing a 3 piece .price is around 550.00,and i think the clear look is really cool..Not that i need them,but would dig having them as long...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Just Picked up 2 Shure 57 Mics With 15 ft cables.....
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    Rick Allen

    Yes i too had heard he was driving a sports car and lost control..As for his drumming.I dug the band in its heyday.But playing with one arm ,Not only Is inspiring,But Kudos to the rest of the band with sticking with him........
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    Gretsch difference

    Hey All.....Looking at getting my first ever Gretsch kit......... Looking at either a 5 piece Fusion Renown maple kit ,or A New Classic EURO 4 Piece....They are both Maple Shells. The new classic is 300 more, and has a 22" bass,while the renown has a 20................Im torn a bit. Opinions...
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    Michael Stuart

    Is there any info on him? He was the drummer on Arthur Lees group LOVE in the mid 60s. Their two main LPs at the time were FOREVER CHANGES and DACAPO. I was very influenced by the band drum solo on the main track on Dacapo was a mindblower for me. Can't find anything on him.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    For my rehearsal set,I Finely got, A Gibraltar Double Braced Med Weight Hi Hat and Snare stand.So I dONT Have to drag hardware back and forth anymore. Sturdy yet light reallt nice stuff for the money......
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    Collectors verses Performance series....... Hardware ?Shells? where they are made???
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    Evans EQ Pillow

    Are they all the same size???I See quite a swing in prices on EBay For those who use them,do they stay in place after you move them from gig to gig ,or do you find your self readjusting it after every move?Hows the sound over a rolled up towel etc??? Thanks.....
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    Double Petal slid.....

    My older pearl petal keeps sliding to the right after a song or 2 im always getting it back square................... shes as tight as i can go.I also put a cardboard wedge under the clamp that attaches to the bottom of the bass drum about to throw it in the...
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    Grabber stands.

    Looking 4 comments on what everyone does to use one stand with 2 cymbals on it...not a splash........
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    A Small fan 4 HOT gigs

    Hi All...Need a recommendation 4 a fan that works well for moving air but not TO.. big.Thanks in advance.....
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    Serious Omission - Where's Dennis Wilson?

    Luved the Beach Boys.Just curious Is there documented proof as to what drummer played on what songs by them??? I Know Hal Played on the Good Vibrations song because theres you tube footage of it.But there must be a copy of credits to who played on what???? Always wondered this...
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    How do you store your other kits?

    Hey All, Just came crossed a pic of a member here Who has HIS Man cave,drum room where he keeps a few of his kits on or in a nice sort of a shelving piece of furniture .Looks like a great thing 2 do. Anyone got pics as im looking for something like this for my place.
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    Protection Racket Bags

    I Just bought a New Ludwig Club Date kit and want to get a nice padded bag for my bass drum.IM Wondering should i buy the size of the drum.Its a 20x 14.oR should i go 1 size up in both numbers.I Dont want the drum flapping around,but dont want to fight it in and out.Any one with these or the...