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  1. Chopstix44

    Why do I struggle with Fills on the Toms?

    Very inspiring. Can you recommend some books?
  2. Chopstix44

    Bass Drum Displacement Exercise

    Hey, do you want the freedom of being able to play any groove you want? Then this Bass Drum Displacement Exercise might be for you:
  3. Chopstix44

    Is German/American/French Grip dead?

    That’s what I thought too, but some say it would include Fulcrum too in Ger and Am.
  4. Chopstix44

    Is German/American/French Grip dead?

    I heard it referred to as Spyvack Murray Grip sometimes too.
  5. Chopstix44

    Is German/American/French Grip dead?

    Hey, I wanna discuss something with you, I’ve seen especially with Germanys and Austrian Drummers but also sometimes with American Drummers too and something I’ve been introduced into several times in my musical education, so this may be rather a topic for intermediate+ drummers who are taking...
  6. Chopstix44

    Find a Drum Teacher Here

    NAME: Rosalie COVERAGE AREA: Worldwide VENUE (WILL TEACH AT PUPIL'S HOME or HAS A TEACHING STUDIO or BOTH): Online/Remote EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: I’ve started playing drums ten years ago and studied under lots of renowned musicians so far and still do. STUDENT LEVEL (BEGINNERS or...
  7. Chopstix44

    Tibialis anterior muscle and bass drum playing

    As for me it sounds like you need to work on getting rebound, there’s definitely something wrong. I’m going to PM you. :)
  8. Chopstix44

    Tibialis anterior muscle and bass drum playing

    I play many different styles of music but when I started playing I automatically and naturally taught myself to play heel down. Since 1 1/2 years I’m playing heel up and heel down only if I play soft music or am to exhausted to play heel up. I however never buried the beater although a former...
  9. Chopstix44

    Enjoyment vs. Ability

    When I was a beginner, I all the time compared myself to others who were playing longer or the same amount of time but were faster, had a better foot technique than I did, were capable of fast fills, rolls and stuff. The longer I played the less I felt like that and got way more relaxed about...
  10. Chopstix44

    Fabi Halbig

    Thank you Alex! He is more common in Germany.
  11. Chopstix44

    Fabi Halbig

    Hey everyone, do you already know Fabi Halbig? He started playing Drums at the Age of 8 and became the Drummer of German Band „Killerpilze“ the same year. By the age of 13, when the band got quite famous nationally and internationally, he became the (at the time) youngest endorser ever with...
  12. Chopstix44

    When did jazz drumming become 32nd note linear funk?

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thanks for sharing. I actually meant something I can learn next?
  13. Chopstix44

    GEWA acquires Gretsch from DW

    I think no drum brand is no longer not Chinese, except for highest level series.
  14. Chopstix44

    Starting up a new YouTube channel -- because I can

    Very cool! Too bad I can’t do this as I’m having neighbors.
  15. Chopstix44

    When did jazz drumming become 32nd note linear funk?

    Oh I noticed that and I’m always bothered by it. I also noticed that a lot of drummers aren’t able to keep it simple and swinging but instead play way to hard and loud. OT: I want to dive deeper into jazz drumming but it’s a style I don’t know that much grooves, so I’d consider myself as a...
  16. Chopstix44

    Greyson Nekrutman

    He’s good but his style is not for me.