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  1. calan

    TAMA SC W/B or TAMA SC Maple?

    I think it’s at least useful that we’ve sort of settled into an industry baseline with a maple shell. Even though there are some variations in construction choice with ply count, thickness, hardware, hoops, reroofs… virtually every manufacturer makes a quality maple kit. Pearl Masters, Tama SC...
  2. calan

    From exciting to ho-hum in three hours!

    Honestly, this is really hilarious. I don't listen to country much at all, but I've heard of him. He's won a bunch of awards, number one singles, etc. It's just kinda amazing that you stumbled into that high profile gig while being the none the wiser. Good on ya.
  3. calan

    Drummers Who Sound Loose While Keeping Perfect Time

    Well, maybe? When they play around here, they fill a 2500 capacity room, and have done so for years. Locals don’t draw that, not around here, with the possible exception of summer festivals. But yeah, both statements coexist. I’ve got mixed thoughts about this. So, from my memory of listening...
  4. calan

    "Fix it" in Auto-Tune

    All of those are cheating. Amplifiers are cheating. Microphones are cheating. Capturing audio is cheating. The modern drum kit is cheating. Everything that we take as commonplace or “the proper way” was once some new development that ruffled the feathers of whatever a purist thinks they believe.
  5. calan

    With KC's Drum Shop Liquidating, How Many Are Left?

    At least this many:
  6. calan

    Bernard Purdie’s 80s electronic drums

    Also found this one:
  7. calan

    Psychology Dissertation, Comparrison of Drummers and Non-Drummers on Well-Being

    Luckily, there is no shortage of musicians with undiagnosed mental illness
  8. calan

    Would you gig with a "bad" band?

    In this case, 500 a body. I’ve historically no problem playing for next to nothing (or at a loss) for something I really enjoy. The situation described is very much not that. There is also almost zero chance anybody is gonna pay me that kind of money to play jazz, however bad the band may be. In...
  9. calan

    Would you gig with a "bad" band?

    Q: Would you gig with a "bad" band? A: In general, no. In practice, it depends on the pay. Maybe for something like $500 an evening. That seems like a good rate for a night of bad jazz.
  10. calan

    Sore wrist. Time to upgrade?

    This is definitely not a technique you want to do on electronic kit, at least not a TD5 Regardless of velocity and sensitivity settings, I've yet to find an ekit that won't hit max output at modest stick velocity. E kits beg for a different touch. Where the energy from the stick goes is part of...
  11. calan

    Melodic dark metal

    To me, it's really not the post. Not that I don't like (or love) everything listed, but it misses the mark of melodic dark metal, at least as far as genre conversations go. Intronaut doesn't seem to be the same band without Danny. Those two albums are absolutely phenomenal. As technically...
  12. calan

    Post your most obscure, "no one ever heard of" music

    Most of my library could go here.
  13. calan

    Have you tried....?

    Point taken. Mine was more that there are a lot of people who haven't heard that stuff, for no real reason other than the time and place had come and gone. If you haven't heard those sounds, or perhaps more importantly, if you didn't hear those sounds when you were most impressionable; then it's...
  14. calan

    A Drum Tour of the US

    I'd probably try and visit production facilities. I imagine all of the old school facilities from the 60s-70s are long gone, but I'd love to walk one even if it's derelict. I'd like to see small operations like Noble & Cooley, Inde, Stone, etc. I'd like to see the bigger US operations like DW...
  15. calan


    Could be. Everybody has slightly different body chemistry and pH levels.
  16. calan

    If you could study under one drummer …dead or alive, who would it be?

    Yeah, Benny has a similar philosophical bent. If you haven't seen Jojo doing Ted Talks, you should give one a watch
  17. calan

    Where do you keep your drum key?

    Honestly, I'm not really sure, but I always seem to have one. The one that was supposed to live with the pedal is gone. I no longer keep one on my keychain. Yet, when I need one, it is within arms reach.
  18. calan

    What are you listening to right now?

    A fireplace