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  1. revdshepard

    Replacement spring Iron Cobra 900 hihat pedal

    Depending on how handy you are, this parts diagram may help. It looks like you need to unscrew the chain link, then remove the retaining nut, which will allow you to tip the stand over so that the entire pull rod assy. should drop out with the compression spring(s)...
  2. revdshepard

    Looking for the longest connecting drive shaft for a double pedal

    Here is the longest one I've seen, made by DW. Seems very pricy, but it is long. Caveat: most drive shafts that fit DW pedals don't fit other brands, so make sure a shaft will fit your pedal before you buy.
  3. revdshepard

    Finger length and bone structure of the hand

    I believe I mentioned talent being a factor. Also, you are correct, as there are always exceptions to any rule. The original question was "Does it have an impact?," not "Does it determine all outcomes?"
  4. revdshepard

    old Yamaha pedal bearings

    Pedal bearings are essentially skateboard bearings. Here are a couple of links to some high quality ones. These come in sets of 8, as that is what a skateboard requires:
  5. revdshepard

    Finger length and bone structure of the hand

    In my experience and observation over 45+ years of drumming, I believe that a person's DNA has much to do with their potential ability/skill level. Drumming is a rather physical (even athletic in some cases) activity, and like any physical/athletic activity, there are certain factors that...
  6. revdshepard

    Hi-Hat study I had published in Rhythm Magazine in 1988

    Here is a little Hi-Hat concept exercise that I wrote many years ago and was actually published in [the now defunct] Rhythm Magazine. I hope somebody can benefit from it.
  7. revdshepard

    An Ode to DXP pedals

    On the Trick topic: beware of knockoffs!! I mistakenly bought a driveshaft branded "Tricky." There's some truth in advertising right there, boy. Seriously, though, I do have the Trick shaft and yes, definitely worth it. Superior feel and performance for the slave pedal.
  8. revdshepard

    What are you listening to right now?

    We're having a new fence put up at our house, so I'm currently listening to the sound of a pneumatic nail gun and an electric angle grinder. Can't seem to find 1. . .
  9. revdshepard

    Ever changed something about the positioning of your kit after playing someone else's?

    Yeah, this happened to me once. I sat in on a gig, then immediately went home and flipped my snare drum over. It's now so much easier to play without that annoying wire thingy in the middle, and I don't break the heads nearly as often. . .
  10. revdshepard

    Barrett Deems

    I read an interview once where Barret was asked how he developed his amazing technical ability, and he replied "Practice while wearing winter gloves-that'll put some chops on ya." I've never actually tried that, has anyone else used similar methods?
  11. revdshepard

    Steve Smith

    Here's another one from early Vital Information demonstrating the same idea, i.e., musicality, chops, finesse, AND a healthy dose of attitude:
  12. revdshepard

    Steve Smith

    My observation with Steve has been that his time with FG certainly refined his skills (and perhaps his approach) to the instrument, but at the same time sacrificing a measure of "testosterone" in his playing. Pre-Gruber he was more assertive (dare I say aggressive?) even with the jazz stuff. If...
  13. revdshepard

    Tama pedals spring types

    I read an interview once with Jake Hanna where he said he used rubber bands on his pedals. For springs, I believe DW offers a "High Tension" spring: Also the Pearl equivalent...
  14. revdshepard

    Duffy Jackson

    Duffy The Drumpire Slayer!
  15. revdshepard

    Floyd Sneed RIP

    I agree with @Bozozoid that Mr. Sneed was to 3DN what Bonham was to Zeppelin. He was self-taught and had very eclectic musical influences, which obviously contributed to his unique approach. His feel always kills me whenever I listen to those great old songs. He truly helped give that band a...
  16. revdshepard

    Pearl Eliminator 2002c slippery

    I tend to have the same problem (also a size 13 foot), so I tried the non-slip tape, which helped, but prevented me from sliding a little when I wanted to. I went the other route and extended the height of the toe stop by adding two Lego bricks under the original toe stop with a longer screw to...
  17. revdshepard

    Mapex Falcon Pedal Mods

    I have another pedal, a Pearl Eliminator, that's ~14 years old. I recently did the same heel riser, toe stop, strap, and new spring mods on it, but also replaced the bearings with good quality skateboard bearings. What a difference! These days, Pearl uses Ninja skateboard bearings in their...
  18. revdshepard

    Mapex Falcon Pedal Mods

    They do sell strap drives for these, but there aren't any available, and the ETA is months away. I figured I'd go ahead and make my own in the meantime.
  19. revdshepard

    Mapex Falcon Pedal Mods

    Yes, AzHeat (and btw, I'm from AZ myself. Don't live there anymore, but for many years. . .). The Falcon is certainly a well-made pedal, and out of the box smooth and solid, but somewhat heavier feeling than, say, my Pearl Eliminator. I found myself always having to think about what I was...