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  1. Bongo Jesus

    Ludwig Classic Maple or Gretsch Renown

    Renown gets my vote, Ludwig quality control is hit or miss.
  2. Bongo Jesus

    What ride cymbals do you use primarily as crashes?

    I crash it more than ride, 20" K Constantinople Bounce Ride 1796g
  3. Bongo Jesus

    What's your latest purchase?

    That's correct, it has the yellowing like a vintage marine but also has green and pearl changing with the viewing angle.
  4. Bongo Jesus

    What's your latest purchase?

    Missing piece arrived the last of the new K cons, the 20" bounce ride. Kits finally done :coffee:
  5. Bongo Jesus

    What's your latest purchase?

    The DW 6000 flat base cymbal stands, snare stands, VF classic wires for the Jazzfest, and 18" K Constantinople crash most recently. Waiting on a few more things, the kits almost completed.
  6. Bongo Jesus

    Am I the Oldest Young Drummer on this Forum?

    Just a whippersnapper over here at 31! I'd be happy to keep playing as long as you geezers! :LOL:
  7. Bongo Jesus

    Pearl president series

    Odd to me, after this conversation.
  8. Bongo Jesus

    Pearl president series

    Source please...
  9. Bongo Jesus

    Pearl president series

    Yes "Crafted" as in holes drilled and assembled. But made with imported parts as seen on the inside sticker. Like everything, including the shell it was made overseas.
  10. Bongo Jesus

    Do you tune your bass drum to a specific note?

    I do, 20x14 60hz batter and 65hz reso. 36hz fund on tune-bot. Note is D1.
  11. Bongo Jesus

    What's your latest purchase?

    New snare came in, 14x5.5 Jazz fest. Also got some Adam a7x monitors, Focusrite 18i20 interface, and new mic for the wife a shure beta super 55 deluxe.
  12. Bongo Jesus

    What is your favourite ride cymbal you own

    This one, but I got two more rides on the way.
  13. Bongo Jesus

    Did Ludwig discontinue their Atlas Classic Flat Based Hardware?

    Yes it is, I tried to order some awhile back they have none left.
  14. Bongo Jesus

    What's your latest purchase?

    Carter McLean sticks to try, 14" K constantinople hats and 22" medium thin low ride came in. Waiting on a bunch of gear yet.
  15. Bongo Jesus

    What's your latest purchase?

    Zildjians on order, K Constintanoples. Everything in this video and 18" crash. I'll be deciding what two to keep as crash/rides between the bounce or renaissance with the 18 crash. I'm thinking the 18 crash will pair well with the bounce ride.
  16. Bongo Jesus

    Your gear of 2021 - bought and sold

    Sold: Zildjian 18" K sweet crash, Zildjian 18" A thin crash, Zildjian 20" A thin crash, Zildjian 21" A sweet ride, Zildjian 14" new beats, four dw 9000 cymbal stands, 9000 double pedal, 5000 double pedal / hi hat stand, 9000 snare stand x3, 5000 throne, Roland td-17kvx, 14x6.5 Ludwig legacy...
  17. Bongo Jesus

    What's your latest purchase?

    16x16 floor tom came in for the legacy mahogany. Still waiting on a bunch of stuff to come in.
  18. Bongo Jesus

    DW pedals

    I have brand new 9000 doubles and hat stand, and also 5000s versions of them new too and lots of DW hardware. Quality is top notch like usual, if you have a problem you can always return them and they have warranty so any concerns I doubt. Amazon has negative reviews on anything.
  19. Bongo Jesus

    What's your latest purchase?

    14x5.5 Ludwig Jazz Fest snare to match my kit in classic olive pearl. They call it a Legacy Mahogany custom build due to it not being in an "official" wrap but same spec.