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  1. zepplin92

    Ride Help

    Hey everyone in looking for some advice. Recently i've sold some cymbals, to gain some coin for a new ride cymbal. So ive got about 250 thats about my limit but i know ill go over if i must. My setup now consists of new beats, 18 med thin avedis, and an oriental crash of doom ( a real beast love...
  2. zepplin92

    Help choosing bass drum head...

    Hey guys I've started looking for a new bass drum head for my Catalina Maple this week, but i have no clue what to look for. I have all remo emperors on my toms and a ambassador on the snare. I am looking for ta vintage tone that sounds huge and not a lot of dampening, i was thinking of an...
  3. zepplin92

    new heads for Catalina

    So i picked up a gretsch Catalina maple last month and i am going to start the process of new skins. I am looking to the experts to guide me towards a versitile head. I have looked at coated Remo Ambassadors that looks like a good choice or no, any other recomondations are appreciated. Also if...
  4. zepplin92

    Favourite Drummer, Bass player Combo

    Hey, drummerworld community ive started to jam with my brother alot lately who plays the bass. We were wondering who some of the greatest combo's from all styles are and what makes them great. Right now were working on some Chad and Flea stuff. All Recemondations are appriecated. Post Away
  5. zepplin92

    New sticks

    I just picked up some Vic Firth American Classic 5B Extreme sticks and their awsome. Although I only saw the one pair, are these sticks popular, and any one on here use them.
  6. zepplin92

    good crash, splash combo

    Alright guys and gals im looking for a good crash/splash combo for my kit. Im starting to jam with some guys sometime this month playing punk rock, something in the 18inch or bigger for the crash and i want to invert a splash on top of the crash something like a 10inch, im kinda partial to...
  7. zepplin92

    new crash,

    Hey, fellow drummers in looking into a new crash cymbal. My current setup is 20 Sabian AA ride 18 Zildjian zbt crash 18 Sabian B8 Chinese 14 Zildjian Zht rock hats I looking to replace the zbt, i like to 18's if theres anything you might think would go with this let me know. I kinda like the...
  8. zepplin92

    New snare for my piccolo

    Ok guys it that time for a new snare head. I got 13 by 3.5 inch steel snare drum and and have no clue what kind of head to put on any suggestions would be awsome. I play mostly Rock, Blues, and a little pit a punk.
  9. zepplin92

    bend in ride

    Just a quick question about my ride that has sorta like a dent on the outside. Like for two inches the metal goes up for like 2mm then down. Just wondering if it will effect the cymbals sound dramatically and lead to a crack of some sort. Thanks for advice in advance