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  1. Lee-Bro

    Steely Dan Is Not a Band

    I'll see your Osmonds & Steely Dan and raise you a Cher & Stevie Wonder:
  2. Lee-Bro

    Lars Ulrich

    Looks like he's using the Artstar IIs for the last two new videos (non-live):
  3. Lee-Bro

    What's going on with Slingerland?

    It's been a while since I've logged in and read up on stuff here. I've been out and about riding my motorcycle during my free time (mostly). 17,000 miles on it in '22. Anyway, what's going on with Slingerland? I've tried to find things online, here, elsewhere, etc. to no avail. Did COVID...
  4. Lee-Bro

    Tama unacceptable quality control help

    Tama has been doing this type of scarf edge for wrapped drums as early as the 80s w/ the first Granstar series, possibly earlier. I love my Granstar IIs from 1990 but hate the notch/scarf edge for the wrap. I wish they would do what DW does and trip the wrap at the bearing edge.
  5. Lee-Bro

    Storing the Ban Hammer

    Oh, I have one of those too. Supposedly the original 3ft'er from Studio 54. I'm working on trying to get documentation as such.
  6. Lee-Bro

    Storing the Ban Hammer

    I wish the glass glitter reflected like that. The lights are from an American DJ Micro Galaxian on the opposite side of the room, but aimed at the drums for effect.
  7. Lee-Bro

    Storing the Ban Hammer

    My version:
  8. Lee-Bro

    Is there ever a thing being too old for band shirts?

    That's weird, I've been 25 for the last 26 years.
  9. Lee-Bro

    Is it anyone's business if they ask why I'm selling something?

    "Why are you selling this?" -"Because I can't sell BOTH kidneys."
  10. Lee-Bro

    Is there ever a thing being too old for band shirts?

    You can have my band t-shirt after pry it from my cold dead hands.
  11. Lee-Bro

    I need a good wood snare

    I have eight 6" or 6.5" deep 14" birch snares. My favorites are the 80s-90s Tama Artwood models. I have a DW Collectors 5.5" birch snare w/o rings that's my current gigging snare. I also prefer to use PS3's on birch snares in this depth range. I've been using the Tamas since the late 80s. I...
  12. Lee-Bro

    Is there ever a thing being too old for band shirts?

    I'm 51 and pretty much wear whatever the F I want. I dress appropriately for business and gigs, and in my leisure time, it's what I feel like.
  13. Lee-Bro

    First Time Testing My Rig

    Hey @Supergrobi - I'd like your thoughts on the SoundCraft unit. We've been thinking about picking up a rack mount mixer for our group. We're an 8pc band, each needing our own monitor mix, and this unit seems to check that box as well as the number of input channels we need. We'd be using it for...
  14. Lee-Bro

    Supply Chain Crisis

  15. Lee-Bro

    Drum Price increase

    Do you think drumhead prices will go up next? If I recall, Remo stopped production for a while in 2020 but I think that was more due to Covid than supply-chain, no?
  16. Lee-Bro

    Supply Chain Crisis

    I have the magical solution: The 60,000 IATSE workers set to go on strike on Monday can go to the ports and work there and other supply chain labor shortages while striking. They'll have an income, help out the country, and possibly get the items they're originally on strike for. Boom. Problem...
  17. Lee-Bro

    How do folks keep o-rings in place?

    I use them from time to time and when I play an outdoor gig, I use a couple small pieces of gaffer's tape to keep them in place. Gaffer's tape doesn't leave a residue on the heads.
  18. Lee-Bro

    Stones first show....

    Supply and demand coupled with the ability to meet the demand. I hope The Rolling Stones earns as much income as their business model will allow. It's their business (however they have it established and divvied up) and whatever they want to do, is up to them. Fans have no ownership in the...
  19. Lee-Bro

    Matt Garstka Moves To DW

    In the upcoming, yet to be released podcast from Humbolt Dangon, Matt explains that Tama is a porpoise type company and DW is more of a dolphin type company. That in itself wasn't the whole motivating factor, but when he found out that DW prefers two-hump camels and Tama prefers one-hump, he had...