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  1. microkit

    Why All Drummers Need a 14x8 Snare...

    Since the DW and Supralites were mentioned, I have to point out that the Tama black steel 14x8 is a decent deal and a good sounding snare, too.
  2. microkit

    Using the stock snare drum?

    I've always been on the hunt for bargains, and have definitely read about how little people like those PDP wood snares. I've asked about Pro M/birch Mapex as well and was told they are only OK. I had that same Tama snare and could. not. sell it. It got to the point that I was finding it super...
  3. microkit

    Using the stock snare drum?

    I wouldn't pay top dollar for it (I'm cheap and might want something different) but is it a rare color? Midrange/pro Gretsch IMO doesn't say to me 'bad investment'. Can I get different drums of similar quality for less if I'm flexible on things like color and age? Yes, I assume so.
  4. microkit

    Metal Snares

    Did we discuss your price range? Why not try a seamless Tama steel? The inexpensive ones tend to be labeled Swingstar and Imperialstar (there are othersas well) and can be found for $100ish. If you love it, you can explore if the fancier ones do the thing you like (King Beat and Powerline = more...
  5. microkit

    Anyone play a 15" snare drum?

    For all of the stables of brass/aluminum 12-13-14-all depths...I would much rather have a 15" than a 13" (I have 14s and a 12") and also would rather add a 15" (and a 16") before another metal snare, or a 14" piccolo, or any number of options. It's horses for courses, obviously, but when...
  6. microkit

    What's the difference between a SM57 LC and a SM57 LCE?

    I always think a 58 is a better snare choice (or even some non Shure mics...) because of the ball grill. The Sm48 is also a good budget option, I've seen those as low as $29.99. Just my 4 cents.
  7. microkit

    Want to hear the snare shell? Use a snare wire with less strands. Your experience?

    I think 12-16 is perfectly valid and kinda that it should be more popular. I feel like I read Clyde Stubblefield used either 12 or 16 on a Ludwig for Funky Drummer and/or other JB hits.
  8. microkit

    Strainer upgrade/install/review putting Ludwig P88 on MPX 14x8 snare.

    Strainer upgrade/install/review putting Ludwig P88 on MPX 14x8 snare.
  9. microkit

    Favorite Splash/I need help finding one and need opinions.

    Yup this, and some of the cheaper lines of Meinl (not necessarily current) have caught my ear for not sounding terrible. Its also a great way to see if it gets used.
  10. microkit

    What Kind Of Crash Do I Have? Help Identifying 16 Sabian

    Similar, but is the large hammering an only an AAX trait?
  11. microkit

    What Kind Of Crash Do I Have? Help Identifying 16 Sabian

    I tried to get a better picture of the hammering:
  12. microkit

    What Kind Of Crash Do I Have? Help Identifying 16 Sabian

    My other two cymbals I plan to sell are a 16 AAX and AA X-Plosion, both nearly 400g lighter.
  13. microkit

    What Kind Of Crash Do I Have? Help Identifying 16 Sabian

    I got this in trade, I am currently selling a few cymbals and would love to know what this is. I was told it is an AAX Stage Crash, if memory serves, but looking online, a 16 would weigh maybe 1100g, and my kitchen scale puts this closer to 1400. Any insight as to hammering or if that is a...
  14. microkit

    Insurance on drums

    State Farm specifically insures individual possessions (the product name escapes me but its personal items or something) based on the value on receipt or appraisal. I work in insurance but this is not my realm of expertise...but I am always available should you have any questions, if I can point...
  15. microkit

    Your Experiences Getting Fed On Gigs

    Also a nice area, I have friends from Wayne.
  16. microkit

    Your Experiences Getting Fed On Gigs

    Tenafly? Cresskill? Upper Saddle River? Alpine? I grew up in Tenafly so people there being gross is funny to me. I think cold bacon sounds just fine, but I am not the one who had to eat it. Def been the owner of a bus stop cigarette, another rider thanked me for lighting it as the bus came...
  17. microkit

    Good Bass Drum to compliment Gretsch Brooklyn

    I rarely tell someone to buy twice, but as the owner of a $20 bass drum, I think this is quite good advice.
  18. microkit

    Sky Blue Pearl Ludwigs. Mmmmmm!

    Ditto, it has the Ringo look. I would not be able to resist a matching snare for this, even if it means wrapping a non Ludwig or rewrapping a snare you will not devalue, etc.
  19. microkit

    Sizzling hats

    M2, M2.5, or M3 screws could fit, T pins also would probably work.
  20. microkit

    Custom stick bag

    Make sure to wax it, you can use a candle, old Chapstick etc.