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    New production dent? Would you return this?

    I do not believe it results from the stampting process. Even if it does, it is too severe. In principle I would be wanting an exchange. But as mentioned by others, if the sound of this one is exactly what you are after, you might have a dillema !
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    Looking for a long cowbell holder for mounting on the bass drum hoop

    The DW Hoop-mounted Claw Hook is a solid, well designed option.
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    China/Trash Cymbals - to have, or not to have

    The more I dig, the more I am tempted to get a China or Trash cymbal. But initially, I wondered why anybody would bother, due to the tinny, thin, overly washy sound. I see that they can be used quite effectivley if one does not try to use them as a ride or regular crash, but more for quick...
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    Restoring Cymbal Logos

    So here is my first attempt at logo restoration. I had the stencil laser cut by a company that makes custom stickers and used an etch primer followed by a satin black spray paint (Dulux DuraMax). The cymbal was first cleaned with BarKeepers Friend then wiped over with isopropyl alcohol. I...
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    Restoring Cymbal Logos

    LosAngelesDrumServices did not reply to my request for information on the ink they use. :( Trade secret maybe? So I am on the hunt for a spray paint or ink that is going to adhere to metal.
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    Poll: Cymbal Logos

    I prefer logos, and I am trying right now to reinstate some on a Zildjian Crash/Ride that looked like acid or some very nasty liquid had been spilled right over them. Normally I would not buy a cymbal if the logos had been removed. I know the sound is the overriding factor, but how do you...
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    Help identifying cymbals

    The stamp is the first thing.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Evans EMAD kick skin, Remo Coated Emperor Batter Pack, Remo Sound Control Rings, cRASHBar x 2, various Zildjian cymbals, Protection Racket 6'x4' mat, DW Cowbell/Clave Block holder (excellent quality).