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  1. R Furb

    Removing EQ Patches

    So I'm having a bit of trouble with some EQ Patches I put on my new GMAD and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to remove them without damaging the head or leaving any residue behind. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. -Robbie
  2. R Furb

    Anyone tried these? Just curious if anyone has any feedback on these, I have mutes for quiet playing but I really dislike them so I was looking into these or maybe some e-drums, Thanks.
  3. R Furb

    Clinics in my area

    I have been in Salt Lake for a few years now and I haven't been able to find a single clinic/master class. So my question to you guys is, Is there a website I can use to find what drummers will be in my area holding classes? What I have been doing is checking various manufacturers websites (dw...