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  1. Morrisman

    My snare didn’t like gross grain ribbon.

    I had a similar buzzing issue and solved it by threading it through the slot differently so the end plates sat flat instead of lifting under tension. Some end plates are designed for string, with raised channels near each end. Ribbon or plastic straps won’t work on these.
  2. Morrisman

    Yammy Stage Custom Hip vs Sonor AQ2 Bop

    18” bop kit with an emad2 on the bass drum - the twin ply head gives a deeper pitch, albeit at a quieter volume. Stage Custom bop would be a good choice.
  3. Morrisman

    Front loaded they exist?

    I find the Vic Firth 7AN’s a little front heavy, whilst the wood tip version feels lighter. All other brands of 7A feel thinner and lighter to me.
  4. Morrisman

    Challenging setup locations

    Just a rug - try and find a level spot for your bass pedal. Everything else can be adjusted. Your throne will need wide feet or thicker carpet. An extra mat for the throne will stop it sinking into the ground.
  5. Morrisman

    Are they small kits that are not that loud?

    A small kit with twin ply heads (eg. Pinstripes) tuned low, can sound deep and full like a bigger kit, but much softer than larger sizes. I do this with a 10/13/18 Yamaha kit. Be aware that the cymbals and snare will still be loud, although you can get smaller size cymbals (Zildjian City set)...
  6. Morrisman

    Hearing Protection - What do You Use, if Anything?

    I loved my Earasers, but they eventually fell apart. So comfortable and such clear sound. Currently using Etymotic plugs with the optional foam inserts. If I need foldback I use KZ in-ears powered by a Behringer belt pack as both foldback and hearing protection.
  7. Morrisman

    Notation Questions.

    Bar 16, etc. The repeat signs mean you play the shuffle beat for most of the bar, then play a short fill at the end of the bar.
  8. Morrisman

    Gigging: bring your most expensive snare? Or not?

    If it’s just me playing I’ll bring the best for the style of music. If it’s a shared gig using my kit I’ll take something less precious.
  9. Morrisman

    Who is micing unported bass drums?

    My 18 x 15 Yamaha is unported, wirh a Sennheiser 602 suspended inside. Cable runs out the vent hole with an XLR tucked under a lug. Works well, out of sight, and easy to plug into if we need a boost.
  10. Morrisman

    Any recommendations for single channel headphone amps?

    I’m happy with the Behringer B2. Looks almost identical to the Fischer unit pictured above. Battery powered, can be mono or stereo (switch inside). Hooks onto a belt. Volume control on the top surface. Plenty of volume, clean sound.
  11. Morrisman

    Cymbal on tom mount

    On my Gretsch and my Yamaha I use the extra hole for a microphone boom - for the overhead mic.
  12. Morrisman

    Click Tracks survey

    All my gigs are no click - no backing tracks. One band likes to count in with a metronome before each song, but then we let the song breathe..
  13. Morrisman

    Drum head choice - riddle me this!

    Does it do the sound when you take the snare away from the kit? It might be one of the toms reacting with the snare head. Press each tom head, top and bottom, to find which drum is doing it, then tune it a bit higher or lower.
  14. Morrisman

    How do you move your hardware (to gigs)?

    I have the Tama bag/case with wheels. Throne goes in there with everything else. My bass pedal goes in a triangular bag, which then goes in with the hardware. My (small) stick bag goes in too. I’ll try and take a photo tomorrow…
  15. Morrisman

    PA and monitoring for a singer

    I just bought a jbl eon710 to use as a vocal monitor. Small, clear, powerful. It has multiband parametric eq and a feedback destroyer built in, which is really handy when using a simple mixing desk. It has an App which can control the EQ, etc. via bluetooth. I’m very happy with it.
  16. Morrisman

    Does anyone use this type of earplugs while drumming?

    I have two pairs of the etymotics - one flanged rubber, one with foam. I like them both, but the foam are better for louder gigs. I had some earasers, but they fell apart after a couple of years.
  17. Morrisman

    Most (self-)muffled bass drum reso head

    The DW head with several 1 inch holes around the perimeter might be a good option. Or you could drill the holes yourself into a solid head.
  18. Morrisman

    tunning tom from top, or bottom

    I take it off the stand and tune both sides. Easier to move around the circle getting the lugs even. I personally tune the resonant side higher. I finish off with the tom on the stand and fine tune the top head to get the feel and tone I like.
  19. Morrisman


    Rick Beato has an episode on this. He looks at AC/DC and The Police and finds the Choruses a few clicks faster than the Verses. Some Rolling Stones songs speed up through the song (esp. Route 66) Live versions often do it for effect - the energy builds throughout the song, gives it something...
  20. Morrisman

    Drums in your Monitor? Yay or Nay?

    I used to have bass drum in the monitors, but since I got a Kickport I don’t need it. I need vocals then guitar, keyboard and maybe bass if the bass amp isn’t nearby. My snare, toms and cymbals are plenty loud enough live.