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  1. Drumdame

    This Message is for all the Computer Geeks...

    After buying and using the Samsung Galaxy S9 tab it was no comparison to the S6 that I owned. The S6 was far better with indoor pics and crystal clear outside... where as the S9 indoor pictures were horrible and dark with lots of noise. Because I take a lot of photos and videos at different...
  2. Drumdame

    This Message is for all the Computer Geeks...

    Truthfully, I'm only interested in the rear camera I don't care about speed or any other technology. It truly was the rear camera that I'm interested in. Just wanted to know if the S6 was better spec wise because visually it looks way better than the S9. I sent a few other things I got off of...
  3. Drumdame

    This Message is for all the Computer Geeks...
  4. Drumdame

    This Message is for all the Computer Geeks...

    I hope this helps. Because I don't even know anything about this all I know is from what I see. I don't know how to respects. Your help is much appreciated.
  5. Drumdame

    This Message is for all the Computer Geeks...

    Thank you so much. But I'm wondering why Samsung technical support told me that the S6 on the left was a better rear camera all around. The other thing I want to mention is visually it seems as though with my eyes that the pictures are more Vivid, less grainy and brighter so am I missing...
  6. Drumdame

    This Message is for all the Computer Geeks...

    In this picture on the left is the rear camera for the Samsung Galaxy S6 tablet and on the right is the Samsung Galaxy S9 rear camera. Can someone explain to me in layman terms which of the rear camera specs are better and please explain it in layman terms? Thank you so much.
  7. Drumdame

    Black Screen of Death?

    A couple of days ago when I turned on my Samsung Galaxy S6 tablet I was on a site then all of a sudden it just shut off all by itself and the Samsung logo came on a black screen frozen for about 5 minutes then it shut right down and will not turn on again. I've tried everything that Samsung and...
  8. Drumdame

    Pic of yourself

    I wasn't sure if it was a ride or a crash because I have my ride just above my floor tom so I couldn't tell I know that everyone places their cymbals where they feel comfortable. Thanks for the info drum buddy!
  9. Drumdame

    Pic of yourself

    Bo, Love that picture of you peeking through your Turkish cymbals. Just wondering what size is that crash? When I first started drumming that's all I was looking at was Turkish cymbals... I don't recall seeing those. I'm partial to Turkish made items. My grandfather was born in Smyrna, Turkey...
  10. Drumdame

    What are you listening to right now?

    This is my very favorite Turkish song to drum to... I love the beat. Enjoy!
  11. Drumdame

    Don't Wear Your Favorite Watch While Drumming

    All rings come off when I'm drumming. I remember wearing my rubber Zildjian bracelet on 2 occasions (forgetting to take it off) and the drumstick got caught in it and the stick went flying. Also, I do wear a thin gold bracelet on my left hand that I had forgot about and the stick got caught in...
  12. Drumdame

    Newbie on here - hello all

    Welcome Drum Buddy, I think you're gonna find this Forum relational and helpful. We are Chick Sticks and Drum Buddy's from all over the world learning and experiencing new ideas in the drum world. Feel free to post pictures of your drum kit, videos or anything else you would like to share with...
  13. Drumdame

    Real Book Drum Transcriptions - The attempt of an educational resource - Newest transcription: "On Green Dolphin Street", Miles Davis

    Hey Drum Buddy...Timo, This is my very favorite beat by far! Although I don't know how to read music, that beat is very similar to one of my favorite beats that I play when I'm drumming to Middle Eastern music along with other songs. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the drum...
  14. Drumdame

    The Whisk(e)y Bothy

    I'll drink to that!:cool:
  15. Drumdame

    Show off your Ludwigs? : )

    The white pearl is my favorite! Where do you store them all? LOL
  16. Drumdame

    Hi everybody!

    Welcome! Kevinalvrado, You're going to love it here. I learned so much in the last couple of years on this Form and needless to say I have drum buddies from all over the world. Pick a subject and everyone here is happy to help. Have fun exploring! "And The Beat Goes On" Drumdame