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  1. Redbeard

    Why Van Halen III Featured Eddie Van Halen -- Not Alex -- On Drums

    Same here. I had blocked out the Gary Cherone experiment.
  2. Redbeard

    Why All Drummers Need a 14x8 Snare...

    I'm glad the word is getting out that 14x8 snares aren't just for low, thuddy sounds. As Rob Brown shows in his video, the deeper snares really shine at higher tuning because the depth gives you that combination of full body to go with the high crack. Yes, you do sacrifice some sensitivity, so...
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    Promoting a Gig Without Social Media?

    Definitely partner with the venue for promotion. When I'm not playing, I check the social media pages of local venues each week to help decide where to go. Often I'll see the name of a band that I've heard of but don't follow (or one I haven't heard of), so I wouldn't know where they're playing...
  4. Redbeard

    Weird Al Trailer

    I'm not sure if there is another thread for this movie, but it's streaming for free on Roku now. I watched it last night and it's hilarious! And if I'm not mistaken, Bermuda is the only band member that gets referenced by name.
  5. Redbeard

    I Porked My First Pie Tonight

    Yeah, some of their drums ship with aged hardware. Check out the Pork Pie Facebook page, Bill is always playing around with new finishes and veneers.
  6. Redbeard

    I Porked My First Pie Tonight

    Here's the "top hat and pig" graphic. I saw this kit at Lone Star Percussion a few years ago. The B20 sparkle is pretty cool on its own; it's made with bronze shavings from cymbal production.
  7. Redbeard

    Trigger Pulled LM402

    Besides the great sound, these snares are just fun to look at! I know Ludwig had some issues in the past with chrome flaking off the aluminum over time, but the modern ones seem to hold up well. As much as other brands have copied Ludwig (black nickel over brass), I'm not sure anyone else offers...
  8. Redbeard

    How many Crashes?

    2 I briefly tried 3, but positioning was a hassle and I really didn't gain much soundwise so I stuck with 2 (and occasionally 1).
  9. Redbeard

    Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

    Do you mean visually? The diecast hoops are thicker than the flanged 302 hoops.
  10. Redbeard

    Brass Acrolite ?

    I'm shocked that they went to the trouble to (apparently) source a different seamless brass shell.
  11. Redbeard

    Heard of Storyville???

    "Good Day For the Blues" was a minor hit, at least in my area, and I've heard several bands play it over the years. Plus it's just a good song. On a similar note, the songs "Sent By Angels" and "Good Time" by Arc Angels were regularly played by some local bands. If those songs fit the style of...
  12. Redbeard

    How did we go from 5x14 to 5.5 ?

    I think it was Bill Detamore of Pork Pie that mentioned one time that the length of the tube/cylinder that shells are cut from was a factor in the depths he chooses. He said something to the effect of each one having 3" left over (when cutting at popular depths like 6.5") but nobody is buying...
  13. Redbeard

    What would my friends "Gretsch Taylor Hawkins Signature Snare Drum 14” x 6.5” be worth now?

    These weren't worth much when Taylor was still with us, and Gretsch had already stopped marketing them with his name (S1-6514-BNS is the same drum). I don't see his death affecting the price.
  14. Redbeard

    Tama Bell Brass Due Diligence

    I don't keep up with the values of these, but I doubt the reissues will ever be as sought-after as the originals from 40 years ago. If you want to "invest" in one, that's the way to go. Plus, every one I've seen had patina, so you might as well play it.
  15. Redbeard

    DW Black Nickel Over Brass Snare (Pics Inside)

    These are great sounding drums and the Mag throwoff/3 position butt is a great combo.
  16. Redbeard

    Gretsch Broadkaster Snare drum review

    Great size and color! Thanks for sharing!
  17. Redbeard

    Weird Al Trailer

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the "story" is purposely over the top for comedic value.
  18. Redbeard

    Marcus King's New Album

    I've been following MKB since the first album came out and have seen them live several times. Marcus is an amazing talent and the band is super tight together.
  19. Redbeard

    Renowns...I get it now!

    USA labor is part of it, but Renowns also keep the cost down by limiting sizes and colors.
  20. Redbeard

    Ludwig Black Beauty B-Stock long term value

    The B-stock Ludwigs I've seen either had no noticeable flaw or something minor on the inside, so I'm not sure your tarnishing issue is directly related to it being a B-stock drum. I recently purchased a used BB for about the same price as a new B-stock, so make of that what you will regarding...