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  1. mbettis

    I’ve been noticing some cymbals are getting heavier than they used to be...

    It's actually pretty easy to make cymbals come out pretty close to an exact weight. ....if that's your goal. If your goal is to spit them out at factory pace, it's more difficult. Matt
  2. mbettis

    Make a 22" ride into a 21"...

    I think it would be worth a shot. Will it give you exactly what you're looking for? Maybe. Will it ruin the cymbal? Naw. Will it adversely affect resale value? Yep. Matt
  3. mbettis

    Broken or just handicraft?

    Yes, I've been a full-time independent cymbalsmith since the beginning of 2009. If you like the sound, you should probably just leave it as it is. Matt
  4. mbettis

    Broken or just handicraft?

    My guess is that it came that way from the factory. Yep, it has an effect on the sound. But, if it sounds good to you, play the Hell out of that baby! Just like Soulfinger mentioned, once in awhile, I will let a cymbal out of my shop with minor shape issues if I dig the way it sounds. One of...
  5. mbettis

    Broken or just handicraft?

    The reason that it is so unbalanced is because of its irregular shape, not the other way around. On the lathe, one cuts high sections deeper and low sections more shallow, unbalancing the weight. It's not going to affect the durability of your cymbal. But, it is likely to affect the re-sale...
  6. mbettis

    DCP Threads

    Is it cool if I do the same kinda thing, but with only Bettis cymbals? Thanks, Matt
  7. mbettis

    Do I need to do something/fix this used 22' Agop 30th anniversary Ride ?

    That flaking is commonly referred to as a "red devil" and is very common in less than state-of-the-art cymbal foundry operations. They even appear on blanks made in the finest foundries like Sabian and Zildjian. They are usually removed during lathing. Your cymbal did not receive much in the...
  8. mbettis

    Hi hat foot chick volume

    My Strong Edge hats were designed to alleviate mushy foot chick by leaving the edges at full foundry thickness. This cutaway illustration gives you an idea of the shape of the Strong Edge taper. You can hear a bunch of them off of the following page...
  9. mbettis

    Expand my horizons

    Want to really expand your horizons? Check out the independent cymbalsmiths out there. Some of them are doing incredible work that just can't be matched. Thanks, Matt
  10. mbettis

    Drummer's Weekly Groovecast Interviews Matt Bettis

    I can't listen to it, because I can't take the sound of my own voice recorded. But, you should! Thanks, Matt
  11. mbettis

    Nick Mason

    If I could play like Nick Mason, I wouldn't be making cymbals. Matt
  12. mbettis is restocked

    I've been working hard this summer to restock There are now over fifty cymbals available for immediate delivery. Please, check them out. Thanks, Matt
  13. mbettis

    Fake Spizzichinos on eBay

    These hats are the latest in a series of fake Spizzichinos that this particular seller has been selling on eBay. Beware. Later, Matt
  14. mbettis

    Bettis Hard Top Cymbals

    Some of you dudes were talking about crash rides and their inherent design difficulties. I think that I recently developed an idea that will help make better crash rides. I figured out a way to make a cymbal by hammering only the top of the cymbal instead of both top and bottom as is...
  15. mbettis

    Bettis and BBQ Siberian Bells in Guitar Center

    After almost 12 long months of paperwork, emails and prototyping , the Bettis and BBQ Siberian Bells are shipping this week to Guitar Center's largest 3 stores. This first shipment, which may be the only shipment, contains 5 Prototype bells each to the Chicago, Manhattan and Hollywood...
  16. mbettis

    New Bettis Cymbals

    Please forgive the soundfiles. Attempting to learn to play with my feet. 1966 gram Paperthin 22... And, her soundfile. Thanks, Matt
  17. mbettis

    Come hither....

    Can't believe I forgot to pimp my custom cymbals to you dudes....... Here's some of my latest creations: More to follow, Matt