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  1. BabyBob

    Can you help me?

    Good day members of DW, I am currently learning to write music it's sort of a 'mini assignment by my teacher' I ain't sure how to write this part of this song, Holy Diver by Dio. The drummer for this song is Vinny Appice. Here's the link, Holy Diver - Dio. The part I'm having trouble is the...
  2. BabyBob

    Drum tuning and sound perception

    To avoid neighbors complaining and such, have a chat with them, have good a relationship with them.
  3. BabyBob

    Are my drums dying?! [HELP]

    Hello my fellow Drummers, I think my drums are dying from the inside out :( The drums are Mapex M series used kit. I believe it was purchased during 2006/2007. Ok some back ground info, I was performing my annual drum cleaning routine where I take the drums apart and just dust them and...
  4. BabyBob

    What would you do if a band member accused you of stealing his stuff?

    I'd say if he did accused you then ask him to just search your place. Nothing to lose if you didn' t stole it. No evidence, no talk. haha However I feel that your bandmate is just the type that forgets where he puts his stuff.
  5. BabyBob

    Drumline Style

    Hi drummers, What do you think of this video by Jervy Hou ? (It isn't mine but I think it's great) IMO it's pretty good, I like the 2nd part of the vid more. Thanks :)
  6. BabyBob

    Sabian 13" HH Fusion Hats!

    Hi guys and gals, I know it's been very late but I'd been very busy this few months with school work. Just wanted to show you guys my Sabian 13" HH Fusion Hats. Pics aren't that bad for not owning a Proper camera :\ The bottom hat is a thick heavy cymbal with vent holes. All...
  7. BabyBob

    Snare Position

    Also I just noticed that Lars has his snare at quite an angle though not as steep as Nicko's.
  8. BabyBob

    Snare Position

    My snare is slightly tilted to my left hand side and I sit a bit far back.
  9. BabyBob

    Drum Heads Recommendation

    Hello, I am in need of a recommendation by you guys for my kit. Sizes are the standard rock kit size aka 12"&13" Rack toms 16" Floor Tom, 22"x18" Bass drum and 14"x5.5" Snare. BTW my kit is Mapex M series 2005 model I think. I am seeking for a rack tom sound like the one in this vid...
  10. BabyBob

    Selling and Buying Etiquette

    Hi it's me again, I just wanna ask what are the Etiquette for selling and buying things? Today just today, a seller accused me of not turning up on time and he himself stated the time and I confirm with him where and when to meet up but then he didn't, he only came like 1hour later. During then...
  11. BabyBob

    Sabian 14" HH FUSION HATS

    Hello, just wanna know what are your thoughts on those hats? As I think I may have found a steal (getting it used if it's good) Just need some pointers to what to watch out for. Thanks. BB
  12. BabyBob

    Your all time favorite album

    I have 2 only: 1. Master of Puppets (Album) by Metallica 2. Avenged Sevenfold (self title album) by Avenged Sevenfold
  13. BabyBob

    What shall I upgrade?

    Hai guys & girls of DW forum, I'd was thinking which cymbal shall I upgrade when I have enough $$$. FYI, my cymbal set up is... Hi-Hats : Sabian XS 20 14" Hats Crashes: 1)Zildjian 18" A Medium Thin Crash 2) Zildjian ZBT 16" Crash (Came with my kit) Ride : Zildjian ZBT...
  14. BabyBob

    Gig Questions.

    Hi guys and girls of DW forums, I've got a few question regarding gigs (Not a question about nervousness) 1. How shall I transport my set to the location? Shall I dismantle everything? (I don't have any drum cases so the drums will most probably be sitting in the back seats. ) 2. Do I really...
  15. BabyBob

    Opinions on Pearl Maple Free Floating Snare.

    Hi people of DW Forum, I'd like some thoughts on the Pearl Maple Free Floating Snare, which I think I may be buying in the future form a friend of mine though not anytime soon, as I currently not enough funds Do you think it's worth it? He's selling for RM600(roughly 180USD?) The seems...
  16. BabyBob

    Lars Ulrich

    I respect Lars as much as I respect all the other great drummers.
  17. BabyBob

    How to Remove Hi Hat Clutch?!

    Hello, Can one show me the guide to removing(Take a part) my hi-hat clutch? Mine seem to be stuck on the top hi-hat cymbal. (It came with my kit That way and the seller forgotten the ways to remove it) BTW my hi-hat is from MAPEX...quite old I think, it's from a M-series kit. Thanks.
  18. BabyBob

    Sabian 20" AAX Stage Ride or 21" AA Raw Bell Dry Ride?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a NEW ride to replace my ZBT, yes new unless one could help me find a USED one in Malaysia almost impossible. Anyways, which one should I get? What are your opinions I'm leaning more towards the latter. What if I was going the Zildjian way? Hmmm decisions,decisions...BTW...
  19. BabyBob

    2 questions in 1 thread =D

    Hey it's me again ;D I'd just wanna ask this 2 questions: 1) How to transport/ship a full (USED) drum kit with out a single case? I was thinking of using a lot of boxes and putting the rack toms into each other and into the floor then into the bass... 2) Is a Drum key a MUST when dissembling...
  20. BabyBob

    How much is this kit worth? [MANY PICS]

    Hiya guys, Recently I've been searching around for USED/2nd hand kits at my country and this looks good and I need the expertise of you guys to tell me how much is it worth... Type: MAPEX M Birch (2004 model) Age: 6years old Condition: I'd say it's good, what do you guys recon? Pics...