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  1. Sonar Dave

    Gigging: bring your most expensive snare? Or not?

    What Drum-Eat-Drum said. If it's your best snare, what is it for?
  2. Sonar Dave

    Used Renown vs Used Yamaha Tour Custom

    The Yammies!
  3. Sonar Dave

    Spaz Cam lol

    I like it!
  4. Sonar Dave

    Silly Practice Exercise

    Are you Lefty?
  5. Sonar Dave

    Video of my Jazz Playing

    Very nice! I like the band
  6. Sonar Dave

    What's a recent compliment you've received lately about your playing?

    Some dude said "Thanks for not playing any Journey.
  7. Sonar Dave

    Which one?

  8. Sonar Dave

    Joey Kramer

    I have one of his drum sticks he threw at me. 2nd row circa 1977
  9. Sonar Dave

    Want a mild nightmare story?

    Tell the guy it's ok to play the tambourine if he stands next to you and you use his head for a closed high-hat.
  10. Sonar Dave

    what's the difference between the Groove and the Pocket?

    Being in the pocket is Groovy?
  11. Sonar Dave

    Simon Phillips solo - HD

    Always great.
  12. Sonar Dave

    With No Running Allowed: Is Golf a Sport?

    And if you golf like I do, you walk a lot more than 3-5 miles.
  13. Sonar Dave

    is this worth picking up or am i wasting my money?

    I like the Gong idea.
  14. Sonar Dave

    Tama Club Jam Pancake

    Love it!
  15. Sonar Dave

    Is That Even Legal? Second Bass Pedal on the Left

    I don't think I'd llike it.
  16. Sonar Dave

    Help with what's happening at 2:45?

    Drumholmes - You da man ! I didn't know I could do that.