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    Artstars have the most 80's looking lugs of any drumkit in the world IMO! I wouldn't wanna use one for an acoustic gig, but they'd be awesome for hair metal!
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    Vintage LM402: To Sell or Not?

    My driveway is full of flattened snares.
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    Brass snare differences

    Hi forum! I've been wanting to buy a brass snare for a little while. The last one I owned was a Gretsch Full Range "Brushed Brass" model, which was great but I sold it out of boredom I guess. Being sort of a Tama fanboy, I've been lusting after the Tama Starphonic line, so the Starphonic...
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    Direct drive pedal fram Tama Couldn't find anything else about it online. Innovation or just a late to the game "me too" product?
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    Mapex Mars Crossover Kit vs Mapex Armory studioease with fast toms

    Looks are important! The Armory looks like a pro kit (though the design style and finishes aren't my taste). The Mars kit looks upper entry-level.
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    Looking for 13" Snare suggestions

    Seconded. It's ridiculous for the price!
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    Hoop comparison video from Tama

    New hoop comparison video from Tama I thought this video was pretty cool!
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    42-strand snare wires

    Hi forum! I’m wanting to hear about everyone’s experiences with 42-strand snare assemblies! I have a 14x6,5” Tama steel snare that I like very much (it’s fitted with standard 20-strand snares) when playing solo. But under high volume playing, it seems the head/shell...
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    How do I tell my friend that his expensive custom handmade snare is shit?

    Haha, yeah this is a funny one. One of my best friends (an excellent pro drummer, but not really a gear head) custom ordered a stave 13x6" snare drum from an English builder (not Guru), on recommendation from some other pro local drummer. The drum is beautiful to look at, with it's sculpted...
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    Tuning/head tips for snare-tom

    Hi forum! So, on a whim, I bought the new Tama SLP Duo 14×10" snare drum/floor tom as I am a huge fan of Snarky Puppy. And while I can make the drum sound pretty great as either a snare or a floor tom, I am at a loss trying to find a tuning that will work as both, switching between them by...
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    Quiet Setup Review: RTOM Black Hole/Zildjian L80

    Hi DrummerWorld!! As you will all know (well, not really) I recently bought a "home" kit; the incredibly space-saving Tama Silverstar Vintage kit (limited edition, and now generally unavailable, it seems). This cute litte kit allowed me (much thanks to my musician wife) to set up in our...
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    Finally got a bedroom kit yay!!!

    No more driving to the rehearsal space just to whack some acoustic skins! Also looking forward to familiarize the kids to "real" drums! This is the Tama Silverstar Vintage Compact kit which features an incredibly space saving 20"x10" bass drum, which makes this bedroom placement possible. Also...
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    Mini 20" kick kit

    Hi forum! I've been wanting a smaller kit for convenience and snappy sound, but I'm not a fan of 18" kicks. Then I saw this kit and it's just the cutest thing IMO: Anyone know of any other kits in the same format?
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    Paiste 2002 Classic Sound Edge Hats soundclip

    Hi forum! I hope I'm not coming across as some kind of Soup Nazi here, but this thread has a few premises that I kindly ask you to observe (I'm trying to keep it sorta scientific [well not really, but still...]). No experience with this exact model of hihat is required. I'm currently...
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    Would you be able to tell wood from metal blindfolded?

    Hi forum! In my head, metal snares go 'pang' while wood snares go 'kang'. That's just how my mind works and when I play a given snare, that's what I hear. But is it just confirmation bias? A famous experiment has shown that, when blindfolded, hard core wine connossieurs have trouble telling...
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    Question regarding 'leftism'

    Hi general forum! I'm sure this has been discussed before, but me and my wife (both rightist musicians) had a discussion this evening and I couldn't seem to find any comprehensive forum ponderance online. There's a lot of left-handed drummers on this forum with their lefty (or "links" as we...
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    Mic's on a budget?

    An interface with more than 8 total analog inputs gets expensive fast. You could get a 8 pre interface like the ones from Focusrite and expand with an ADAT or S/Pdif digital preamp. For drums, it's wise to chose an interface that has a -20dB pad on each input. It's been a few years since I was...
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    Mic's on a budget?

    For overheads I use this Using a single stereo mic is idiot proof in terms of phase issues, and the stereo spread is plenty wide for my purposes. Sonically this mic is VERY similar to a crossed XY pair of Røde NT5s. Mic'ing the hihat is not...
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    Looking for a pop/funk snare sound

    @OP: Supposedly, you're talking about recorded drum sound? Because these snare references are all heavily produced and not tones you're liable to hear from the throne anytime soon. The RHCP example is famous for using digital delay as well as a ton of duct tape. The Lauryn Hill record uses...
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    Dave Grohl

    Sure ok, but I was positive the 'K' went in the middle of the triplet. It's my favorite linear triplet anyway, because it leaves your kick foot free to hit the 'one' immediately after the fill.