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  1. skod

    Ramping up to the EmptyNestival again

    It's the time of year for my favorite gig: the EmptyNestival is next Saturday. It's an outdoor private party, where some well-to-do local folks book a number of mostly blues bands to come in and tear it up for a Saturday from noon to midnight, for a crowd of a few hundred of their closest...
  2. skod

    Saw Vinnie Colaiuta at Red Rocks last night

    along with some guy named Sting- on his "Back to Bass" tour, of course. (;-) Very pared-down, and absolutely wonderful show: sound was great, although (astonishingly) they had Sting's bass pulled way back in the mix. Vocal intelligibility was superb, among the best I've ever heard there. The...
  3. skod

    The Grand Master Buddy Rich

    Um- Ed Shaughnessy, maybe?
  4. skod

    Bass drum pedal lubrication

    Just a cautionary tale here... In a fit of nostalgia I just bought a nice older strap-drive DW5000 double pedal on eBay, and it was listed in excellent condition. It certainly *looked* brand-new, with essentially no visible wear on the footboards or baseplates. But when I set the pedals out on...
  5. skod

    Show off your mongrel kits!

    I have seen some of the most beautiful kits I have ever imagined since joining the site. I congratulate all you folks for your fine taste in equipment! What a visual treat... I started this thread for any other folks like me who have kits that only a mother could love. This is my newly-restored...