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    Metal vs Wood - these Snares Sound the Same - Video by Sounds Like A Drum

    Well you're just a great big bunch of superior disingenuousness, aren't you?
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    How many Drums in your Favorite Kit? How many Cymbals with that Kit?

    My favourite kits are both 6 piece - 4 toms, bass snare but with a DTX M12 pad and sometimes some bongos. Cymbals with those are Hats ( 1 set) Ride or two,( rarely two though ) 3 crashes, a China, a Swiss crash and a splash. Obviously I don't get to gig out with that lot very often. That's my...
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    Is this Drumming right?

    Sounds like the OP wanted someone to give him a reason to get the drummer fired. Maybe he wants the gig?
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    Your Best Drum(mer) Memorabilia

    I seem to have quite a lot... My favourite things are a postcard from Bill Bruford sent to me in a hand addressed envelope and the message "Good luck in your drumming career" on the back, signed of course. There's a story - my then partner and I went to see Earthworks at the Royal Northern...
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    Project Peavey Radial pro 501 - With a Monday Bass drum...

    Well this is going to be fun. A friend has passed a kit on to me for loan( with a possibility of a VERY good deal should I want it, ) that he got as part of a trade. It was still in the box and when I got it home I sat it there and went about other things until time to get it out for a poke...
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    The Greatest Alternative Music Drummers of All Time

    Not the SLIGHTEST bit of jealousy for a guy who can be relied on to work well with others, then. The world is full of "brilliant" musos without a gig because they think the sun shines out of their own arses. DG gets lots of work. A lot more than you your local heroes.
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    Playing The Cavern on Sunday, there's a VERY Nice house Kit

    That's the room we were in. There was a covers band playing the front room.
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    Playing The Cavern on Sunday, there's a VERY Nice house Kit

    Oh another in the dressing room, aren't we lovely? Me ( drums) Sarah ( Bass) Nick ( Guitar/Vox)
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    Dead Drum Fads

    I had one of those for a while, it was actually really good, the only reason I stopped using it was that itwas heavy on the ankle muscles - when in double mode you are moving both beaters at the same time, which means you have to use much more energy whereas a standard double means you can split...
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    Playing The Cavern on Sunday, there's a VERY Nice house Kit

    I only managed a couple pics but here they are: first is a band on earlier in the evening doing their line check, I didn't get their name but they were from the US and were great. The second is from the drum stool during our line check. The plush seagull is DaveySeagull - Named after my...
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    Playing The Cavern on Sunday, there's a VERY Nice house Kit

    That's the place. The kit, BTW was fantastic - the toms and bass sounded HUGE and there was a good engineer on the desk. The day before we played the Cavern Pub which is across the road from the actual Cavern itself ( though owned by the same folks ) and hte house kit there was a Yamaha Beech...
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    Max Weinberg

    Telling everyone about it is. Again, you never had a bad day? You had no idea what was going on in his life but you see a page for MW some time later and decide everyone on here needs to know he was rude to you. Maybe he was sick of people that day, maybe your personal hygiene sucked, maybe...
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    Max Weinberg

    Maybe, and this is just a suggestion, he just didn't like you. Or had a bad day. You seem to like saying stuff like " Lets just say" then being horrible about someone most of us will never meet and who have no way of answering your accusations without seeming unprofessional. Which for a pro in...
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    Playing The Cavern on Sunday, there's a VERY Nice house Kit

    Hi folks, I am playing my first gig with my new band on Sunday as part of the International Pop Overthrow festival at the Cavern in Liverpool and I just got the backline details through. Now as any fule kno, house kits are usually made of charred driftwood, spit and broken dreams and roughly 40...
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    For Local Gigs: Cases or No Cases

    Cases always, usually Pro Rackets because bags are easier to store while playing. Aside from anything else, ( Protection of gear as well as car easier to carry, etc) I like to project a professional appearance - especially when I am depping or doing a session and IMO they help do that. Not...
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    Ever had something on your kit that the sound guy DIDN’T like?

    Yup, Every house kit I have ever used has had EVERYTHING on it over tightened to the point of stripping, denting, seizing or just straight up breaking. Of course not tightening up is kind of over reacting but I never cease to be amazed by just how much force a lot of folks think they need to...
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    Tom angles!!!!

    Not so much a set up issue as ...well, here's a bargain I didn't want anyone to miss...
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    I got a new DW 5002 Double Pedal

    I have a DW 8000 double that does the same thing. I am going to try PPGs solution - thanks for that.
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    Least favorite wrap or finish...

    Actually Joe's mention of too much brown reminded me of the manufacturer who has made the worst finishes ever, largely because EVERYTHING was either brown, grey or worse a couple of years ago. British Drum Company. Not only Brownarama, or Brutalist Concrete Grey, the single worst factory finish...
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    Least favorite wrap or finish...

    Plus one for the Sonor "tribal" finishes, and anything in a Matt finish ( except the late70s early 80s Yamaha natural wood finish, which despite being Matt, works for me. I have no idea why )