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    Anton Fier RIP

    Ah. Came here to see if anyone had posted about Jeremiah Green and found this. I think I remember he had played on Bob Mound’s Black Sheets of Rain album, but I remember the Golden Palominos and Pere stuff as well. Sad news.
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    Grant Hart RIP

    Thanks for noting this. Grant Hart's drumming and songwriting, and Husker Du as a band, was really important to me as a kid, and I've listened to them a lot over the years.
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    Topper Headon

    "Rock the Casbah" is pretty representative, and you hear it everywhere. You can hear him on "Train in Vain," "Should I Stay or Should I Go," "London Calling" which are easy to find. But I'd just buy Combat Rock and London Calling, if you like rock music.