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  1. Bull

    Sparkle Kits?

    I love my red sparkles and I usually hate red kits.
  2. Bull

    Gigging: bring your most expensive snare? Or not?

    I just bring whatever I want to use but I usually just bring an Acro or World Max as a backup .
  3. Bull

    Eloy Casagrande join Slipknot

    I am not a big Slipknot fan but some of these comments are cracking me up. Most of the people on this board (myself included), couldn't play Slipknot's set with a gun to their head.
  4. Bull

    Chipped tips

    I always had issues with chipped tips when I played VF. I haven't played them in years because of this. It happens with every brand but Vater and Promark both hold up much better for me.
  5. Bull

    Drums in your Monitor? Yay or Nay?

    I am usually on multi- band shows and don't get a soundcheck. There's never any time for a full monitor mix. I just ask for guitars and a little bit of kick drum. That will get me through it.
  6. Bull

    Metal Snares With 1.5mm to 2mm Thick Shells?

    Tama John Tempesta signature snare is 2mm brass.
  7. Bull

    How tight do you tighten the resonant head?

    If you were to prick it with a pin, the drum would explode.
  8. Bull

    24" Sabian AA Bash Ride!

    I use a 21" Bash Ride as a crash but I need a bigger bell on my main ride.
  9. Bull

    Top Drummers Who Perform in Gloves

    Alex Van Halen
  10. Bull

    How much backup gear do you take to a gig?

    Snare and a pedal.
  11. Bull

    Do You Sit High Or Low?

    I always sat pretty low. That's where I felt the most balanced and had the most power for the kick drum. I was always fighting a wall of cabs. Now, I am old and have a bad back and hips. I'm sitting several inches higher but I'm in less pain now. I am still having trouble adjusting. It's...
  12. Bull

    Some thoughts about my new Ludwig snare drums

    I was playing wooden snares for years. It took me a while to adjust when I started experimenting with metal snares. I've had several 402s. They all have that high end "ping" but some have more than others. I usually use a 2-ply dotted head like a CS Emperor or an Aquarian Hi Velocity. Most of...
  13. Bull

    What Company Makes Your Favorite Hardware?

    DW I have a set of 9000s and a set of 6000s. I'm covered for the rest of my life.
  14. Bull

    Asking here-Cases vs Bags

    I have cases for vans and trailers and bags for local personal vehicle gigs. Not that I am doing either at the moment.
  15. Bull

    Ride and two crash set ups

    I scaled back to this for a bit. 23" Meinl Byzance Heavy Ride 21" Sabian AA Bash Ride(as a crash) 19" Sabian AAX Xplosion Crash However, I have brought an 18" Xplosion Crash back into the mix.
  16. Bull

    Snare modifications - upgrades, downgrades, swapping parts?

    I do a lot of experimenting but I am currently back to 2.3 triple flanged hoops and cord for the strainer. My current recipe is 2.3 hoops, cord, Aquarian Hi Velocity, Remo clear ambassador (no collar), Canopus Backbeat 42 wires. That's on everything at the moment. I will probably go back to...
  17. Bull

    Too big now?

    Look at you with 3 cymbals! If it fits on the riser, it isn't too big.
  18. Bull

    You can only have three snare drums...

    Ludwig LM402- Probably, the most versatile snare that I own. If there could be only one, this would probably be it. Most of my heroes played these. It's one of the sounds that I hear in my head. Ludwig 6.5 Black Beauty- I have a love/hate relationship with brass but it does sound amazing...
  19. Bull

    Ludwig "B" stock?

    B-stocks are fine with me. My sweat is like Alien blood. I live in Florida and I sweat on everything. Any drum I buy becomes a B-stock, after a couple of gigs or rehearsals. A $300 discount is fine with me.