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  1. druid

    From last weekends gig.

    Some playing with my Band. This was a local jam band event we played at. Original song from that night.
  2. druid

    Anyone willing to trade?

    I have a 20" A Custom Zildjian Ride and would be willing to do a straight up trade with anyone for something more along the lines of a K Ride, Dry Ride, or something similar? My ride is in really great shape I am just looking for something darker and more of a jazz ride...think Jojo Mayer...
  3. druid

    Some One Drop?

    This was from a couple weeks ago....we added Three Little Brds to the set list and had a guest vocalist that night fun guy to interact tune to play.
  4. druid

    Camera test 4:3......

    trying out my new camera on this one....some soloing fun.
  5. druid

    ride for trade

    Hello I have a Zildjian A custom ( 20") I have had a few years in very good shape ( still has ink) I am looking to trade. I am looking for a K Zildjian Ride ( Dry? ) or Sabian Jazz Ride because I am looking for a jazz ride sound as opposed to the A Custom. Something more earthy perhaps more...
  6. druid

    Some Coffeeshop Jazz...

    About a month ago I was asked to cover for a night with a casual jazz thing that happens at a coffee place near where I I found this clip floating about. Enjoy!
  7. druid

    DW 3 Sticks...

    I have to say I have been using the DW 3 sticks ( 5B's) for around 6 months now and have found them to be a very nice stick. Of course you get 3 of whatever size,weight you choose which is nice becuase two pairs really is 3 pairs if you pick them out to match. They have a nice finish which does...
  8. druid


    This badge is what the Collectors series used to look like prior to the Gold Badge I have now which has since been replaced by the Silver Badge they currently have. I think they stopped with the Black Badge around 2003 or so. You kit could be a keller shell or a DW shell because I think they...
  9. druid

    Sunday gig setup

    Pics before an outdoor gig sunday......
  10. druid

    From a gig a few weeks back....

    Some Blues....
  11. druid

    Drumsticks and carry on luggage

    Has anyone ever been hassled trying to take a pair of sticks with a pad in a carry on bag of luggage? I am flying from Pittsburgh to Nashville and wonder if with all the requirements they might give me a hard time....but I dont want to go for three days without playing at all either. In this day...
  12. druid

    Another stream of consciouness solo

    taped again by my brother recently...enjoy.