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    Funniest quotes from musicians or about musicians

    I suffered for my music, now it's your turn.
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    AI making progress

    More Art in More Places! Attach files
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    What Makes a good song?

    JJ Cale song.
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    What Makes a good song?

    Meaningless Repitition.
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    New Speed King Pedal still squeaks!

    Tighten the heel plate.
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    New Speed King Pedal still squeaks!

    It's easier to complain!
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    New Speed King Pedal still squeaks!

    That's foot pedal feedback, use it wisely.
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    Paiste hi-hat advice, 602 and signature

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    What are you listening to right now?

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    A philosophical random thought

    A Rattle, could even have been just a seed pod.
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    What Do You Search For Daily on Reverb/eBay/CL/FB?

    Pre Covid Prices.
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    Recording the Cravs.

    We abbreviate everything down here.. Ya'll.
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    Recording the Cravs.

    I have , not my project . I do see that the process to mix EQ etc will be very easy because of the quality of sound at the throne.
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    Recording the Cravs.

    Sounding great at the source makes recording an easy and pleasurable experience.. Don't listen to the nay sayers.. OK.
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    trying to date COB supra

    Chocolate and Flowers?
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    Slingerland Set.

    Thank You Tamboreter , I refinished ( Sanded ) the shells did the Diamond Design in metal flake and clear coated it. Sort of a tip of the hat to Full Dress.. When I got it it was badly finished , probably a refin of a Duco set.