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  1. alparrott

    Thanks to a DW member, my youth is recaptured

    So I had this drum out at a rehearsal which requires a light touch and therefore a sensitive drum. And that's when I noticed that at some point someone had put in tension rods on this drum with extremely long unthreaded shanks. This effectively halved the drum's tuning range on both heads, as...
  2. alparrott

    my new DW Kit has arrived!

    Schmexy! Congrats!
  3. alparrott

    Gigging: bring your most expensive snare? Or not?

    I only have one snare that I don't think I will gig a lot - the Ludwig Pioneer i just picked up that is about 60 years old and the drum I've looked for for years. I just don't want to risk anything happening to it. Some light work, yes, but not full on gigs at bars or outdoors in the elements...
  4. alparrott

    Drummer Mom's

    I know a few drummer moms, and they rock :) I'm also very grateful for my mom, who was not a drummer but encouraged me and put up with a LOT of noise over the years. Whenever I asked her if she minded, she always smiled and said, "Not at all. You were home, I knew where you were, you were doing...
  5. alparrott

    "Don't Stop Believin" What Did You Play?

    And my reply is, quite often the original band doesn't play it like it's on the record. I'm not sure where this idea of "covers must be note-for-note" comes from. How many times have you heard a cover on an album that sounds exactly like the original?
  6. alparrott

    "Don't Stop Believin" What Did You Play?

    I've been in a succession of cover bands for the last I don't know how many years, and I have a similar outlook on all the songs I cover: I will do my best to get the flavor of the band, the artist, the song, but I don't commit to note-for-note. I'm focused on making the part work, getting the...
  7. alparrott

    Questions about PayPal

    I've used Paypal for years and years, for e-commerce, business and also as an extra bank account (I even have a debit card for it in my wallet). Never, ever, not once a problem. As @bongoman said, most times you hear horror stories about Paypal, or Venmo, or any online banking tool is when...
  8. alparrott

    Popular songs not in 4/4

    "Money" by Pink Floyd (7/4) "Mission: Impossible" by Lalo Schifrin (5/4) "Spoonman" by Soundgarden (7/4) Check out this article for a LOT more.
  9. alparrott

    Clothing - Dress Code for Drummers

    I play a LOT of outdoors gigs in the summer, and it tops 100 degrees here all the time, so you wouldn't catch me dead in long pants for those gigs. Usually nice, casual shorts like you'd wear golfing, a short-sleeve button-down shirt (cotton or linen), some very comfy shoes, sunglasses and a hat...
  10. alparrott

    Not getting distracted into getting count wrong...

    This. I almost never count when playing with a rock band. I learn the song and listen for what I need to do. I know what notes are being played in the solos and where it's time to resolve into the next passage. I know where to come in based on what's being played. I'm not counting, I'm listening...
  11. alparrott

    The tempo is wrong!!

    If I'm playing covers, I will use LiveBPM to detect the exact tempo of the recording and then include it in the setlist. I have LiveBPM running during the set; I start the song off at tempo and then keep it there. If the song feels better for us at a slightly different tempo to the recording...
  12. alparrott

    Who played with toms and snare angles backwards

    I can recommend that guy a good osteopathic doctor. He'll need one.
  13. alparrott

    Who played with toms and snare angles backwards

    I'm sure a big part of why he does it is for the shock and outrage it causes "conventional" drummers when they see it. As far as the snare drum angle, I think he got that from Wailin' Smash, if I'm honest 🤪
  14. alparrott

    Who played with toms and snare angles backwards

    You're almost certainly referring to Daru Jones. +
  15. alparrott

    Why can’t I record a drum video!

    Sorry to hear that. It might be worth borrowing a friend's Mac to do the initial video work, then pairing the audio to the video on your own PC.
  16. alparrott

    Why can’t I record a drum video!

    Try using VSDC Video Editor to combine the .mov and .wmp files together. It's 100% free and incredibly powerful and versatile, and can handle both of those formats.
  17. alparrott

    Tripod base for Tama MTH600

    Found a tripod that says it's the right size on Reverb for $30 plus S&H:
  18. alparrott

    Throne accessory for In Ear Amp / Receiver

    I agree! A wide range of uses, and so ingeniously simple. What a great idea.
  19. alparrott

    Tripod base for Tama MTH600

    Doug. I have posted a picture of my Tama 1" tom mount in a Yamaha 700 stand base. It is quite honestly 1" downtube. Nothing was Photoshopped. Older Yamaha stands are 7/8" (and I have one of those) but 1990s 700 and 800 stands and newer are 1" downtubes.
  20. alparrott

    Tripod base for Tama MTH600

    Take a look for used stands on Reverb or anywhere else you buy used gear, might could find a bargain!