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  1. dRummmmmmm

    Is there any difference

    Is there any difference between DW 3000 pedals and DW 7000, personally I don't see any difference and if they are basicly the same pedals, why do they have different names?
  2. dRummmmmmm


    What kind of cable do I need to record my playing. Can I plug in Aux in cable to my computer. It has a 3,5mm jack on both tops or is MIDI for connecting drums to computer. Just one another question, do you know any free programs for recording? Thanks
  3. dRummmmmmm

    Counting When Playing

    Now I have just been thinking about that do you count in mind or do you just use click beats or something? I dont never use any of those, for me its natural. I dont usually mess up with beats and I dont use any of those while playing songs and even practising. I have tried to use those click...
  4. dRummmmmmm

    David Aka. Joeyjunior15 on YouTube

    I have watched all of his YouTube channels videos and he is just awesome drummer. I love his drumming style. He remainds me of Joey Jordison. Check this video out (Him covering eeyore) : He started playing drums I think when he was about 13 or 14. He...
  5. dRummmmmmm

    Heel-Toe/Slide Pedal Technique

    Which one do you use, and which one is easier to learn. Give me your thoughts.
  6. dRummmmmmm

    Shine Drums

    I have seen people having Shine drums. I love the snare and sound of all toms. Do I have to have a partnership or something like that to get shine drums. What do you think about shine drums. Let me know