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  1. starkeydrums

    Emperors Vs. G2's. What's the difference?

    Been trying to find a good 2-ply head for my all-birch kit and stumbled upon these 2 different heads. After about an hour of researching and googling, I've come to the conclusion They're completely the same, and the good to bad review ratio is just biased 'enthusiasts' that play the drums Is...
  2. starkeydrums

    Genius drummers and what they have done.

    Hey everyone. I've got a big project for honors 12 English about what a genius is, who is one, and what has said genius done. Since i don't really connect as well to anything besides drumming, i decided to have my genius be a drummer. the only problem is, i cant think of any real genius...
  3. starkeydrums

    Need Help choosing a cymbal

    I need help choosing what kind of cymbal would best fit pop/hard rock punk (if that makes sense?). i need a secondary cymbal thats 18'' thats fairly loud, but is continually crashable (like during a chorus). i was first thinking about a Paiste Alpha Medium Crash, but then i heard about A...
  4. starkeydrums

    should i take this finish off?

    This cymbal is a Paiste Prototype (2k2). its sounds alright, but i think the finish on it is choking the sound. It takes a bit of exessive force to really open it up, and its starting to get scratched so the finish just looks kinda bad. first question: should I even take the finish off? and 2...
  5. starkeydrums

    Need help with Ludwig Snare

    So, my band teacher had these Ludwig snare drums lying around in the band room, and asked if i could have one to refurbish (they were all broken down, no heads, broken throw-offs, ect.). well now that i have fixed it all up, i think it sounds really nice, but i really need to know what kind it...
  6. starkeydrums

    Need help choosing which Kit

    so im officially stuck. i have around $300-$500 to spend on a drum kit, but i dont know which one to get. yes, i do check for used ones every day for a good one, but its either $1200-1800 for a pro one, or 200-300 for a beginner one what i find on craigslist (and i cant use ebay, so dont say...
  7. starkeydrums

    Mapex M series Snare

    i found one on craigslist for $50. is this a good deal? apperantly, its in good condition (besides the heads, but those are easily replaced). what do you guys think? im in dire need of a new snare since im using a generic Ludwig aluminum...
  8. starkeydrums

    Drum Machines replacing you

    how do you feel that more and more bands are opting to use a beat/drum machine instead of an actual drummer? you turn on the radio and hear 90% of the bands using an electronic drum beat (no crashes, fills, only straight beat the whole way through) also, whats up with these bands and the...
  9. starkeydrums

    Wrong/Bad pricing on Superstar kits? musiciansfriend look at the price difference. Musicians friend tacks on an...
  10. starkeydrums

    Investing too soon?

    hey, just one rant from me. ive seen lots of threads go up here since ive been here about people only 2-3 years into playing the drum set asking "what kind of kit should i get for (insert large sum of money here)?" and it just seems a little too soon to be investing that kind of money in your...
  11. starkeydrums

    Band members too loud?

    last time i practiced with my band, we had the cops called on us because we were playing too loud. i definitly agreed with him, since my band mates' amps were turned to 9.5 with their guitars turned up to max. practice didnt start out like that though. our first song, it sounded fine, but as...
  12. starkeydrums

    Mapex Mars Pro?

    has anyone had any experiences with this kit? because i found one locally for $150. i tried looking around, but i cant find what wood its made of. any help is good help
  13. starkeydrums

    batter head as resonant?

    the first time i considered this was back when i didnt know what a snare side head was. i went to my local music store and asked the guy "what do you reccomend?" he promptly replied with "well i think these 2 (as he picked up 2 batter heads) would be great sounding on a snare." i bought them...
  14. starkeydrums

    thinking about getting a new tom holder...

    and its come down to 2 different tom holders (not stands, cuz i have a decently sturdy cymbal holder). i have a 12x9 and 13x10 rack toms and was wondering if either of these holders will hold those toms without slipping. the pics are the two im considering. also, it would be nice if anyone...
  15. starkeydrums

    help with a secondary crash

    ok, so backstory: I have a paiste prototype 16'' for the accents and such, but for those climax-y parts, all i have is a ridiculously thick zildjian scimitar 18'' crash/ride. i need help finding/figuring out a good crash-ride (you know?) kind of cymbal; one that is either really explosive or...
  16. starkeydrums

    superstar SK H-D vs. sl custom H-D

    whats the difference between them? aside from different finishes, nothing i've read leads me to any differences at all. if you can point out any, it would be great. cuz i dont wanna end up spending almost $200 extra for the custom : / sites for the SK...
  17. starkeydrums

    upgrade kick pedal or heads first?

    hi, i was wondering, should i update the batter heads on my toms or kick pedal? im trying to save money, so it came down to the Evans EC2 Clear Batter Head or the Gibralter Prowler Single Pedal. on one hand, i get better tom sounds. but i already have Pinstripes on them (and i can tune, so...
  18. starkeydrums

    best of the pro cymbals

    hi, so ive somehow gotten $600 and really want a pro cymbal, but i dont know where to start. im a paiste guy, but whatever is out there, ill give it a look. so what are some pro cymbals that have good response, can cut through, not too dark and not too bright? (all my personal taste)
  19. starkeydrums

    someone says you suck at drums, what do u do?

    i just wanna see what people would do if someone went up to your face and said "you are a really crappy drummer. i mean, im better than you." why i post this? cuz it happened to me today, and i didnt know if i should've hit the guy, or tried to talk about it with him.
  20. starkeydrums

    mic-ing for live. (budget)

    Hi my band just got off it's feet and all were doing for the moment is playing live. i feel pretty embarassed borrowing either the sound guy's or another band's mics for live shows. I'm not gonna lie, im a noob when it comes to mic-ing. i also dont have lots of money to spend on really good...