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    your most favorite bassist/drummer rhythm section

    Came here to say Reinert/Malone. Their Cynic & Gordian Knot works are top shelf, but don't sleep on the first Aghora album or the Anomaly album, where they absolutely OWN Led Zep's Rain Song
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    Pearl Demon Drive pedal vs original Tama Iron Cobra single chain

    I bought my Axis so long ago, what I paid for them would make you mad. I've long been stuck in a situation where I have 2 mismatched brand kicks (custom finish on kick & 5 toms that by time 2nd kick could be afforded, was discontinued). A 2nd kick would be nice but even when I had 2 on my first...
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    Iron Cobra Vs. Speed Cobra

    Not a fan of Speed Cobra, dying to trade mine for an IC
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    Direct drive users, would you still use Chain drive pedals?

    me too on the Speed Cobra swap. Played Axis for years, wanted to go back to "low tech". Swapped an old Camco double's single chain for straps & thought I'd step back up to an Iron Cobra. Got to store just as guy was buying the one I was jonesing for, so hastily settled on a used Speed Cobra I...
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    Pearl Demon Drive pedal vs original Tama Iron Cobra single chain

    I find I can play Axis & Tama but I can't play them the same or set up the same. With Tama, I like my boards high & my beaters way back, resting at almost 90 degrees w no feet on. The Axis are a bit more restricted as far as I've found getting the beaters & boards the same, but the VDL offsets...
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    14 or 16 depth

    14", all day, for any kick up to 26 for sure. 14 depth positively thumps & def cuts through a Metal/Punk din. Love my 18x14 Stagestar kick more than the Artstar II, MLX, Force 3007 or Swingstar kicks I've had, esp for double pedal. The smaller diameter really cuts down on the slapback that if...
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    Playing congas/bongo's with sticks?

    I came on to comment about the Brain video, but it was the reason for the season. I bought an LP Compact Conga, have it mounted in a snare basket when I'm feeling GoGo-funky. Highly recommend experimenting with left-of-the-hats percussions
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    24/26" bass drums on the cheap

    Schools been getting robbed in America since I was a kid, it's called defunding.
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    24/26" bass drums on the cheap

    any reason why not concert/marching basses? Considered getting 2 26x12s, dont care about mounting toms off of
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    mike portnoy drum kit

    First thing that came to mind was his old LTE kit using those Tama mini-Timbales for 2 of his 3 up-toms.
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    has anyone switched from matched grip to traditional grip after many years of playing?

    After 6 years of matched, I got really into open-hand/left lead & after about 5 yrs, I decided to further complicate my education & embrace playing Trad grip as much as possible. Just like the switch to open-left, there are some things that feel seamless & natural w/ traditional, but weirdly my...
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    Anyone Else Find Cheap, Older Pedals Sometimes Better?

    I tried proving to myself over the last few years I didn't need an Axis Longboard to do everything I wanted & in fact, wondered if so many years on them & not using them for triggered kicks was holding me back from evolving. Old belt/strap pedals are pretty great to play, not so big on single...
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    New Ludwig Speed Flyer and Speed King reviewed by Carter McLean

    The kick/snare doubles he does @ 2:42 is another huge reason I've been moving away from playing double kick most of the time.
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    Music scene rebounded?

    I don't personally know anyone with more fun money & free time than they did 3 yrs ago. Fewer places to practice/play too, but this has been a problem since the 2008 Crash, just glaring now
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    Yeah, that's the one. Kicking myself for not grabbing the Paiste I was A/B'ing it with
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    After years of pingy Power Bell Rides, Ive finally changed tack. First started w a 22 Dream Energy Ride that I could use just it & a pair of hi hats, then wound up picking up a 20 K Dark ride but not enjoying it as much. Not only that, but it sounded too close to the 18" K Dark Crash I kept in...
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    Tama Iron Cobra 900

    Easy enough to swap your chain for a strap 7/or the RG/PG cam for Flexis on the IC. Dont recommend the Flexi on an SC but def swap chain for strap (Gibraltars are cheap). IC's are the best, I was 5 min too late the last time I had money, guy was buying them as I walked in
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    Odd pedal mechanism

    Surprised no one's brought up the "Floating Heel" these pedals & the ASBA Caroline used to have, that's the real innovation on them.. Thick leather or canvas belt allows the footboard more freedom to move with your foot, plus I like where on the board it's attached as my fulcrum
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    Loss of too many drum shops in the UK

    If UK is like US, fewer people have fun money & free time to pursue expensive hobbies. Physical businesses based on the sale of luxury goods are failing, as are places to play out, practice. The local indy shop in my town, a 40+ yr beloved institution named after a famous album/song got...
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    Need help finding Power (Bow-Tie) Lug for 8x14 Tama Granstar snare

    Broke one years ago, need a replacement or equivalent from same era (be great if matched, but would just like to play it again)