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  1. classikdrummr

    What are you listening to right now?

    Apple Music 2023 Rock hits. Just really trying to find some Good Rock. There are a few good ones on this list. Mammoth WVH Green Day Maneskin Corey Taylor
  2. classikdrummr

    Stanton Moore ensemble

    He's great. Love his Youtube channel. Seems like a really cool Guy.
  3. classikdrummr

    What's your latest purchase?

    19" A Med Thin Crash from Reverb. Finally found one for a decent price. 18 mos of looking.
  4. classikdrummr

    Has Your Appetite for "Endless Shrimp" Bankrupted Red Lobster

    We tried going to our local RL last year on a sunday night 6 pm and it was DESERTED! It smelled horrible in there so we just walked out. 20 years ago RL was packed with 2 hour waits every night of the week. Bad management, and Millenials hate chain restaurants , then the idiotic all you can eat...
  5. classikdrummr

    Longest time between seeing an artist again

    No i can't , lol. But I saw Black Sabbath in 78 and then again in 2013. 36 YEARS. they were way better in 2013 BTW. in 78 Ozzy was a disaster.
  6. classikdrummr

    THE CLASSIFIEDS - For Sale / Wanted

    Looking for a 19" Zildjian A Med Thin Crash. Newer. not ancient.
  7. classikdrummr

    How do you set up your drum set?

    Gray Gaff Tape on the rug marking kick spurs, kick pedal, HH legs, one throne leg, and one leg on each FT. Snare and cymbals all position off of those base positions. Memory Locks on Toms and Sharpie marks on Cymbal stands and HH stand. I have a Rack but it never leaves the Garage because its a...
  8. classikdrummr

    Best e-kit for your buck!

    Yamaha makes great kits with excellent modules.
  9. classikdrummr

    Best Drumhead set under $150?

    Wow great deal on am EMAD and coated G1! im on the email list! thx Bro
  10. classikdrummr

    18" or 20" bass?

    lol, the never ending Tama vs Yamaha Vs DW hardware debate lives on.
  11. classikdrummr

    What Do You Search For Daily on Reverb/eBay/CL/FB?

    6.5 x 14" Walnut, Bubinga, Oak or Cherry snare. 6.5 x 14 Pork Pie Patina Brass snare 6.5 x 14 Supraphonic snare 19" Zildjian A Med Thin crash
  12. classikdrummr

    Attack Drum Heads Availability

    I think what i may end up doing is buying two sets at a time in the future. I still have a good set of G2's that i will swap out in June when i get the attacks. thanks for the info guys
  13. classikdrummr

    Attack Drum Heads Availability

    I can get them now from Drum Center of Portsmouth , but they charge for Shipping.. Sweetwater has free shipping. I talked to my Sweetwater Rep and he said they have a ton of preorders and when they get a shipment they go out to the preorders first. He said mid June ship date. Attack needs to...
  14. classikdrummr

    18" or 20" bass?

    Try Tama Superstar Classic, Pearl Decade or Gretsch Catalina as well. All good shells and hardware. Tama and Pearl are Maple shells and Gretsch Catalina is Mahogany . Stage custom are Birch shells, which are good but different sounding than Maple. Best Hardware of the bunch is Tama , of course.
  15. classikdrummr

    18" or 20" bass?

    i have a 20" kick , but never played an 18". The 20" is great for Rock or Swing. I have heard others say 18" is too small for rock.
  16. classikdrummr

    Attack Drum Heads Availability

    Proflex 1 seem to be hard to get lately. Backordered from Sweetwater. DCP has them but no Free Shipping , so illl pass. Has anyone heard what's going on if anything? I may end up getting G1's but I like Attack and the price is amazing. I Hope it's just that they are hot sellers RN.
  17. classikdrummr

    to mic or not mic, that is the ?.

    if your budget is low, try the Behringer drum Mics set. they sound great and come in a hard case. $129 if u have more to spend get the Audix Mic set...
  18. classikdrummr

    Best Drumhead set under $150?

    I like evans g2 over g1 all clear. Also Attack Thin skin 2 Are great and 1/3 the price. For snare i use coated UV1 Evans. they last foooorrevvvveerrrr
  19. classikdrummr

    Headphone recommendations please.

    so for $100 or less ... Vic firth headphones. I love them. for best sound i like Sennheiser ut thay are pricey.
  20. classikdrummr

    Should I get a Black Beauty if I have a Pork Pie BoB?

    The only reason to spend $900 on a snare that sounds almost EXACTLY like a $400 snare to me is for resell value. period. Im the Guy who bought a Supralite for $200 instead of a Supraphonic. It Doesn't sound as good as the Supra, but it is NOT far behind, certainly not THREE times worse. I don't...