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    Want a mild nightmare story?

    egad.. Did anyone try to tell him to stop? Happened to me once.. the singer left her tambourine by the front edge of the stage.. and some dancer grabbed it and disappeared into the dance floor for several tunes - playing really badly. I had to poke the singer to get it back.. she said she...
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    Making money as a drummer - getting better or worse?

    This isn't the meme I've seen.. but close enough;
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    Making money as a drummer - getting better or worse?

    Lol.. that doesn't sound like a 'match made in heaven'! I've never played a wedding like that.. they have always been a large group of people that are there and ready to party! In fact we just got a callback from a previous wedding a year ago to play another family members wedding out of town in...
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    Making money as a drummer - getting better or worse?

    It's funny and sad that bar gig wages haven't really ever changed since the 70's.. (after the musician's union kind of died by disco) .. it's still like a $100 per person (on average). I think I've seen this on memes and t-shirts.
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    Making money as a drummer - getting better or worse?

    Wow.. long thread. I haven't read it all but I'll just say; we play bar gigs to get gigs that pay well. So many weddings and event gigs have happened that way. People see us at some of the big bar venues we play periodically and think 'What a fun band - they would be great for our wedding!' We...
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    Thoughts on live playing

    It's easy get consumed by drumming and forget what you look like to the audience.. and remember when you go to see a band, most of the time you are watching the stage performers intently.. not to put more pressure on - but it is what it is! I found that being photographed or videoed is a...
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    drummers who can't read music notation

    Being good at both reading and playing by ear are great tools to have.. so why not?? Sight reading parts for musicals or band pieces is essential to get up to speed fast.. breaks, figures, odd meters, tempo changes, rests etc.. so much easier to read the sheets compared to listening and trying...
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    Can I sit in? How do you handle this request?

    Generally no - unless I know the drummer and I ask them to get up and play a few. Turns out I know a lot of drummers that are pros! I really enjoy listening to a great drummer play my kit from the back of the hall - mainly for sound checking my kit when a crowd of people are there, to get the...
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    Silent stage age: do your drums matter anymore?

    Back on topic.. I saw a great cover band Friday night that was ‘silent stage’ and I have to say it was pretty disappointing. The band was tight and flawless ripping through all the killer dance tunes but it sounded dull and lifeless .. no dynamics. Just sounded like an AM radio station or as my...
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    Silent stage age: do your drums matter anymore?

    I also saw Level 42 in a concert hall and the sound was top notch. The other time with L42, I think it was the boxy hall and the sound guy wasn't as good - it was more that the drummer/sound guy in the opening act had some kind of small speakers set up around the room. and some miking...
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    Silent stage age: do your drums matter anymore?

    Yes it's true .. having a great sound engineer and technology can make a world of difference. One example I ran into a long time ago - seeing Level 42 at a University hall in the 80's. The opening band had unbelievable sound quality.. (and they did their own sound). When the headliner Level 42...
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    Silent stage age: do your drums matter anymore?

    I just saw an article announcing DWs new hybrid electronic/acoustic WIRELESS drumkit, where the electronics are buried in side the acoustic shells. Sounds like the best of both worlds - for only 10,000 US$! One thing I...
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    Compression on cell phone recordings.

    Phone recordings from the crowd often don't paint an accurate picture. It depends where they are standing from the stage and what kind of phone it is.. some have better audio than others. It might give you a rough idea of the overall sound if they are standing fixed 'in the zone' of audio...
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    Silent stage age: do your drums matter anymore?

    Great interview thanks for posting. I totally get the need for all these techniques for achieving the ultimate sound for big venues and sound control. In my case, I've spent years fine tuning my ultimate drum kit and hardware for awesome sound that reproduces perfectly in just about every...
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    'Air drums' ... do they work?

    Great - I'll go with that. It 's a cool concept - especially for setting up the kit and loading in and out. But it would look ridiculous on stage Lol.
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    'Air drums' ... do they work?

    No he doesn't.. but he is a good natural drummer. He wants to lay down his own grooves to jam with or create bed track kind of things. I suppose he prefers the immediacy of playing in real time..
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    'Air drums' ... do they work?

    Seems a lot of ads popping up for these air drum devices lately. I'm guessing they may be tricky to keep in sync.. and require different kind of drum technique (eg. no bounce Lol). Although I did see one ad with an actual pro drummer playing them and he seemed to play them pretty well. A bass...
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    So Cal drummers: house kits and what to bring

    If the house kit is good and well mic’d I’m in heaven. I’ pack my snare and cymbals for sure. Generally the backline or house kits i’ve played have all been great quality.. either Yamaha or DW. The only bad kits ive played were charity events with many bands and the organizer ‘knew a guy’ who...
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    Sold my flat-based stands last night

    I have some 40 year old Pearl single braced / flat cymbal stands that are still solid as a rock. Just not as smooth as my modern hw.. sliding, turning wingnuts etc. I see you hanging a deep power tom off a cymbal stand.. probably a good idea to go with the more solid stand. Thats kind of the...
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    What's the easiest song you have a hard time playing?

    For Wonderful Tonight I cop Steve Ferrones pattern from Clapton live.. 2 handed 16ths on the hats (quietly) like ghost notes wiith accents and a solid backbeat with kick and snare. Helps to fill that space on a very sliw song and keeps it steady.