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    Why Van Halen III Featured Eddie Van Halen -- Not Alex -- On Drums

    Interesting. I’ve been on a VH binge recently. Revisiting the early albums & discovering Van Hagar for the first time , but I haven’t made it to VHIII yet. I’ll give it a listen. :)
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    Will the Eclipse Match the Hype?

    The odds are changing, albeit very slowly, as the moon gets gradually further away from the earth. Not in my lifetime, though… ;)
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    To port or not to port...and where?

    Like this?
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    Simon Phillips solo - HD

    He’s still the King Of The Hill! :D
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    5.5" Depth Snare Drums - A Newfound Appreciation

    In my mind at least, 14x5.5 has always been the norm that anything else is a variation from. I love my Premier 2000 14x5.5 and it’s covered any situation I’ve found myself in. :)
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    Does anyone do this - hats and ride pitched the same?

    Sorry I haven’t been able to get back to this thread this week, but thanks to all for your replies. :)
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    The Grand Master Buddy Rich

    ^^^^^ Thank you for posting those, I really enjoyed reading them. “Buddy Rich didn’t steal the show, he enhanced it.” I love that. 🙂
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    Click Tracks survey

    Metronome for practice, never on stage. Not against one for recording, but would always try without first. LiveBPM, which gives a readout of the tempo from listening to the music, is very helpful, but doesn’t impose like a click does. :)
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    Phil Collins

    Tony Banks once said in an interview that they used to put Phil’s vocals through some extreme compression/gating (I forget precisely what) but that Phil later learned to sing like that, so that he sounded compressed & gated even when there was no processing on his voice. :)
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    Home vs gig

    I don’t have a kit set up at home. I have a practice pad, and that’s it. The only time I play my kit is at full band rehearsal, or gigs. I’m the same way (almost) in bands where I play guitar. I don’t even have an amplifier in the house. I’ll practice on an unplugged instrument, but the amp &...
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    Would you cancel your sub?

    Double drummers, obviously. ;)
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    One crash setup

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    Does anyone do this - hats and ride pitched the same?

    I hear it on the whole album : Hanging On The Telephone is the first track, and it’s definitely audible there. 🙂
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    Your Favorite Drum Intros

    I just remembered an old favourite: :)
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    Does anyone do this - hats and ride pitched the same?

    Yes, that’s the one. I don’t think it’s a production thing, although I have wondered. I think he just had a pair of hats & a ride pitched the same. The problem is, every time I listen to it I think that this is how it should be, and everyone else is doing it wrong! 🤣
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    Your Favorite Drum Intros

    Cozy Powell, Rainbow, “Stargazer”. :)