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  1. yammyfan

    How do you find contemporary music you like?

    Oh, I hear the new stuff too, including the country/rock blend but I find the latter to be among the most cliched of all. It's practically a running joke these days. Just like Greta Van Fleet sounds like Led Zeppelin, every other modern band sounds a lot like someone else who came before The...
  2. yammyfan

    How do you find contemporary music you like?

    I'm sure there's lots of good stuff out there but everything I hear these days is cliched and recycled from something that has been done before. Same old riffs and rhythms, just arranged (slightly) differently. I listen to either my vinyl collection or to electronic chill/lounge style music...
  3. yammyfan

    Freshly cleaned :)

    Great job! It's worth going gently around logos. They don't have to come off, at all. If you want to slow down oxidation and maintain lustre, look for one of those nano ceramic finishing products and apply as directed. An occasional wipe with a damp cloth will keep them looking great for a long...
  4. yammyfan

    15" Hats?

    I have been playing 15" 2002 SE hats for a few years now and love them. Lots of surface area to strike and they cut through the mix beautifully. I don't have a size preference, however. I have one good set of 14's, a good set of 15's and a good set of 16's. I like to switch things up regularly.
  5. yammyfan

    Good snare for two-piece, mini kit?

    You have been spoiled if the 6.5" Supra is the heaviest snare you've encountered. I can tell you (as others have) that it is one of the lightest snares in production today. I have a B-Stock LM402 also and it is anything but heavy. Do yourself a favour and go lift a few 6.5 or 8" deep brass...
  6. yammyfan

    Thoughts on live playing

    When I'm playing for pay I am working, technically speaking, and thus subject to some of the same thoughts and feelings created by my day job. It's pretty normal to worry about performing well and the worry (when not crippling) ensures a certain level of attention to detail. One thing that...
  7. yammyfan

    Good snare for two-piece, mini kit?

    I think the 5" deep Supraphonic deserves a look. Fantastic sounding, versatile as heck and light as a feather. It would be at the top of my list, personally speaking.
  8. yammyfan

    What's your latest purchase?

    Grabbed a Paiste 2002 22" classic ride yesterday in great condition for less than half the price of new. Sounds fantastic. I have the 20" and 24" versions but the 20 is on loan to my teen son and the 24 is a bit too large to gig most of the time. The 22" should be the perfect compromise.
  9. yammyfan

    Hmmm, Which Finish?

    Are you sharing the drum kit with your wife, or setting the kit up in your living room?
  10. yammyfan

    Cymbal on tom mount

    I mount a 16" crash cymbal on my Renown's tom holder and it works wonderfully. Unfortunately, doing this on any of the Yamaha sets I've owned choked one or both of the toms. It seems to be an issue with the YESS mounts. Even my super premium Birch Custom Absolutes fell prey to the issue, so it...
  11. yammyfan

    Ever take a piece of equipment you only play once during gig?

    Same, though the band added "In the Mood" by Rush later on so that makes two songs.
  12. yammyfan

    Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

    Gorgeous! How does the cockeyed bass drum reso head not drive you crazy, lol? 😄 Seriously though... nice set!
  13. yammyfan

    What's the worst that can happen to a a flooded basement?

    My basement flooded after a days-long power outage in my area this time last year. I had Covid at the same time, so it was a miserable experience. It rained nonstop for a couple of days and the ice took out the power lines. No power to the house meant no power to the sump pump. I snatched my DW...
  14. yammyfan

    Home vs gig

    I play at home pretty much every day in my main floor "studio" and I host bi-weekly (on average) band practices in my basement rehearsal space. Gretsch kit upstairs, DW kit downstairs. I gig a little less than once per month on average at maybe one gig every 5 weeks, but then some months have...
  15. yammyfan

    Just split snare reso

    Very unfortunate. Sorry to hear that! Personally, when I'm working with heads under high tension, I bring them all up very slowly and evenly. For example, I wouldn't go from 395 to 400 in one fell swoop... I would bring them all up to 397 and then 398 and then 400. I would also drop the 400...
  16. yammyfan

    Ok... Who has Met Celebrities in the course of their Lives? Post your Experiences!

    I have met many famous people over the years... athletes, musicians, actors, etc. The one thing I try to do with all of them is to make small talk and not gush about their accomplishments etc. I like to give them a momentary break from their celebrity status, if you know what I mean. It sounds...
  17. yammyfan

    DW recommended "Tuning Pitch Note" ---do you actually tune to it or disregard it?

    Guys - it's not bologna. The note stamped inside the shell is for the staff to use, not the buyer. Nowhere does DW tell anyone to tune their drums to the notes inside. I wish that everyone could hear DW drums outfitted with coated Ambassadors or Emperors before passing judgement. That would...
  18. yammyfan

    How to tune drums Correctly?

    Good call on iDrumTune Pro. I use it as a finishing touch to get the interval between batter and resonant head just right. The tune-bot is substantially better however, because you can clip it to the rim and free up both hands whereas with iDrumTune you have to hold your phone in one hand at...
  19. yammyfan

    How to tune drums Correctly?

    Yes! If you're a beginner and not heavily invested in the "tune by ear" thing, grab a tune-bot, use the companion app and never go a day in your life with crummy sounding drums. Why suffer if you don't have to?