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  1. Steve30907

    Are Young Drummers Sounding So Fast Because of Their Kick Foot?

    Checkout Naked City should be some live stuff on YouTube I'd find a full live concert and just watch.
  2. Steve30907

    Opinion on Twin Kicks

    This is a really personal thing. You can get something that feels super light and fast but doesn't give you a powerful throw feel. Single or double try a strap drive, chain, and direct then go from there. I like the control of a strap. Do you like a heavier more powerful throw or do you want...
  3. Steve30907

    Looking For A Fat Side Snare Drum

    Nice drum, glad it worked out for you.
  4. Steve30907

    Looking For A Fat Side Snare Drum

    Canopus Harvey Mason 14x10. I love how he uses three snare drums.
  5. Steve30907

    Want to hear the snare shell? Use a snare wire with less strands. Your experience?

    From looking at that picture it would probably be a good idea to use pliers to remove the wires from the solder instead of clipping them.
  6. Steve30907

    Converted floor tom into a snare.......

    A big deep snare like that could be cool tuned really low for a multi snare setup like Harvey Mason.
  7. Steve30907

    A’s and AA’s are too loud?

    In the context of young people learning recording I get what he means. You hear about engineers having to raise cymbal height way up or adding cymbals after the recording of the drums themselves. Nothing controversial about that.
  8. Steve30907

    Pro drummers mostly... Ever refuse a gig?

    Since Don Henley was mentioned, my personal opinion, working with a child rapist is way worse than someone accused of being racist or homophobic.
  9. Steve30907

    Are you at that point ….

    I still want a custom monster kit but don't really care or think about it all that much. I've been playing a bop kit with ride and crash ride, it works.
  10. Steve30907

    Why Foo Fighters Fans Are Already Upset with New Drummer Josh Freese

    To me any guy who names his album The Notorious One Man Orgy has a hell of a personality. Josh Freese is punk enough to not care what anyone says. He's bringing energy to a band that was getting really lame, that's why the band is so damn happy.
  11. Steve30907

    Brass vs. Wood for a high tuning snare

    I'd say also listen to some of the extreme ply drums that sound might float your boat.
  12. Steve30907

    What should I buy next?? I'm trying not to be too much over my first goal...

    If I was buying snares for varying sound options I would get a piccolo and I really like popcorn snares. I think size will give you much more variance than a bunch of 6.5 shells of different woods or metals. If I was buying for studio and could make money on rental fees or am getting paid a good...
  13. Steve30907

    Lightest weight two legged hihat stand

    The trick hihat is probably pretty light and the legs are removable.
  14. Steve30907

    Chasing recommendations for dark and dry hi hats

    I have a pair of 15" Istanbul mehmet Sahra series hats, check them out might work for what your looking for.
  15. Steve30907

    Old man yells at cloud

    I really like the trashiness when partially open. If I don't like a cymbal I'm probably not gonna get out of it what it's capable of. I say that because I've heard cymbals I think I don't like and then hear a drummer that knows how to use it to get the most out of it then it's like damn that's...
  16. Steve30907

    Gretsch "customer service"

    That's what I did with the same kit in the pic.
  17. Steve30907

    A financial band situation, just wondering what others think about this…

    Sammy Hagar started a travel agency because he felt the band could save money on travel. The band saved money overall but Eddie got mad because Hagar was making more money. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.
  18. Steve30907

    A financial band situation, just wondering what others think about this…

    I'd look at it as a straight rental fee if he's providing sound. Is it really good stuff, is he bringing and setting up all of it? Is he booking gigs and charging the promoter extra for sound? A 20,000 dollar pa system should be pretty damn big.
  19. Steve30907

    A financial band situation, just wondering what others think about this…

    I guess if he's renting it out to the band that's fair but I wouldn't take a cut on shows that a rental wasn't needed.