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    Jeff Randall on Soundproofing a Room

    After watching the videos, I'm surprise he thought a bit of sound proofing would be effective enough that the drums wouldn't bother other people in the house. What he did would be great for making sure the neighbours aren't annoyed, but I wouldn't want to be reading in the next room if he was...
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    Drum shed advice

    That makes sense. If I built a two-sided wall inside a metal shed, for example, whatever noise got past that wall might make the whole shed act like a big resonator. Better to build something from scratch, with heavier material on the outside, and then two sets of studs with insulation, then a...
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    Drum shed advice

    I think a "Plan B" might be to break down and get an e-kit to use in the basement, and then build a very small, very insulated shed (booth?) for practicing snare drum. A smaller space is easier and cheaper to sound proof, so that might work. Not exactly the Garage-Mahal I envisioned, but better...
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    Drum shed advice

    You're right. I was doing math in my head and deducting a foot from each dimension for sound proofing, but I need to deduct two feet - one for each wall. A 10x12 would then be 8x10. I could fit a wee kit in there, but it would be cramped. 12x 14 is probably the minimum I could get away with. I...
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    Drum shed advice

    I could never understand why guitarists and bassists wouldn't consider that option. Then I spent a while playing an e-kit, and now I get it. It isn't the same thing. It feels like the difference between playing a musical instrument and doing data entry. But... playing an e-kit would be a whole...
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    Drum shed advice

    I'm not a big fan of Rockwool. It performs better in lab tests, but those assume perfect installation - which I'm unlikely to achieve. Fibreglass Pink isn't as sound deadening, but it's still effective if the installation is less than perfect. Jamming with others would be nice, but I'm not sure...
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    Drum shed advice

    I'm planning to build a drum shed and I'm looking for advice. I realize it won't be "soundproof" and I'm not trying to build something that sounds like a recording studio. I just want a shed that's insulated well enough that my new neighbours don't want to lynch me. Would it make sense to buy a...
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    Good snare for two-piece, mini kit?

    I'll have to check out some other Supra's next time I visit Long & McQuade. Mine might be an oddball. I was already thinking about trading it in for a 5". As much as I like the deeper drum, the latency doesn't suit some types of music. I really wanted one drum that could do it all, and the 5"...
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    Good snare for two-piece, mini kit?

    Really? Mine's a "B" stock, and maybe that's why. Maybe the shell is thicker than normal, because it's about the heaviest snare drum I've ever hoisted, much heavier than my old Ludwig 5" steel shell drum (which, sadly, was stolen). Maybe that's it, or something with a thin steel shell.
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    Good snare for two-piece, mini kit?

    Interesting. Right now I'm using a 6.5" x 14" Supraphonic. I love how that sounds but it weighs a tonne. Not really in keeping with the mini-kit aesthetic. Is an Acrolite really "lite", compared to a Supra? I'm not happy with my cheapo 14" piccolo at all. I was thinking a better quality piccolo...
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    Good snare for two-piece, mini kit?

    I built a suitcase kick drum last year, and now I'm finally getting back to mini-kit idea. The kick sounds pretty much like a heavily dampened 20" kick. I'd like a fairly lively snare drum that sounds good with or without snares, and can be played with brushes. I'm thinking a 13" piccolo snare...
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    Why am I so much worse when not playing along to music?

    Why do I sound so much better when playing with good musicians as than when playing with not-so-good musicians? That might be part of it. If you're going to follow time, you might want to practice with recordings where the time is NOT entirely consistent. That will force you to listen closely...
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    drumming in an apartment problems

    Stop bragging. ;)
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    drumming in an apartment problems

    I like the outdoor concept, weather permitting, but I'd go for a suitcase kit and try to get good at playing with nothing but kick and snare. I made one using a fibreglass foot locker as the kick.
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    If chops matter then, why are Ringo and Lars

    It's just a lack of writing style. We're not thinking of a chat room as a literary exercise. Good point, though. I've mentioned to a few songwriters how often those words come up in their lyrics, and they've taken the comment to heart, done a bit of rewriting, and moved some of their lyrics to...
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    Listening to music that you can’t play well

    I like some Jazz and prog Rock, but my mind just doesn't work like that, let alone my hands, so it's all beyond me.
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    The aging drummer

    Is it the youngsters who don't want to play with you, or is it you not being comfortable playing with youngsters? In my experience, youngsters these days are a lot less prejudiced about age than we were. As for old guys playing crap, yup. I keep meeting guys who want to play nothing but top 40...
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    Quantizing drums

    I rather like the sound of a real kit, with a real drummer, that has been quantized. If the alternative is an electronic track, quantize away.
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    Enjoyment vs. Ability

    Does the following graph match your experience at all? The idea is taken from golf, where people half jokingly say that the better you get, the less you enjoy the game. As a beginner, it's great fun. Then there's the trough of mediocrity, where you're good enough to be credible but... you...
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    Little Thing, Big Trouble

    It could be a phrasing thing. If you're trying to play this: (uh 1 & 2) (3&4) (uh 1 & 2) (3 & 4) (uh... Try this instead: (1&2) (3&4uh) (1&2) (3&4uh) When you're listening the music, it might sound more like the first phrasing, so you want to match that, but it never quite fits. That phrasing...