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    Roland PM-100/200 or other V-drum monitors

    I recently bought a Roland SPD-SX Pro sampling pad to use alongside my acoustic kit, & spent a fair amount of time looking at suitable amplification. YMMV, but after discussing with my bandmates & doing my own research, I've decided that something like a Mackie Thump 215 "active" speaker (1400W...
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    15" Hats?

    All my cymbals are currently 2002's (inc Big Beats, which are SOOO nice!- 18" & 21", great as subtle crashes that don't sound harsh, but as "rides"- ummm, NO. Far too washy. My hi-hats are 2002 SE 14" (which I love), but I'd like to experiment with something similar, but different, if that...
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    15" Hats?

    Sacrilege! The Drum Police would be kicking down your door at 4am demanding to know why you'd mixed different brands, as if you know something they don't & DARE to experiment for a potentially cool sound!!!;)
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    Pics with drummers on the Top 500 list?

    Obviously I recognise the superstar, but who's the little guy in the hat....?;)
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    18" or 20" bass?

    Controversial, just for :poop:'s & giggles. I thought 18" was a floor tom size...? (Runs for cover....:p)
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    what other hobbies, interests do you have?

    Soccer?SOCCER?- Al, you're obviously not a REAL football fan!;) Old joke-Spurs had a major break-in at the club, especially the Trophy Room. Police are looking for villains trying to sell a white carpet.................. I'll see myself out.
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    Why am I so much worse when not playing along to music?

    Absolutely THIS!!!⬆️⬆️⬆️ I'm not a qualified teacher (or even a competent drummer....:p), but the best way to improve at absolutely ANYTHING is to DO IT, not procrastinate or overthink it. No-one was ever the World's greatest proponent of whatever you can think of on "Day One". If you really...
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    Thoughts on live playing

    Agree with Al. I often play some of our songs too fast at rehearsal, but 'live" I seem to get into the zone pretty quickly & play at the right tempo. HOWEVER, & this is my biggest problem (o_O), I tend to stare at my kit as I play & rarely smile (I tell my bandmates that I'm...
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    The Fascination with 4pc

    Me neither. Wow- is it new???;)🎶
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    Heaviest piece of gear you've had to move when gigging?

    I'm built like a small brick :poop:house, but my HardCase hardware case needs more than just me to lift it...
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    is improving inevitable

    Lots of common sense & good suggestions above. We'll all offer our opinions, so you'll need to decide what's the way YOU want to improve. IMHO, the best way is to take some 1-to-1 lessons with an experienced teacher (Google them in your local area for reviews/feedback)... He or she will...
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    A really REALLY stupid idea

    Lookee here! Found you one on eBay UK...:whistle:
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    How Do You Store Unused Cymbals?

    Just seen your update, with PLENTY more drums/cymbals/heads, etc.,,, You need MORE RACKS!!! :p
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    How Do You Store Unused Cymbals?

    Agree with Al Strange- needs loads more drums, so it doesn't look "lonely"....;)
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    Ok... Who has Met Celebrities in the course of their Lives? Post your Experiences!

    Another true story... When I first met my other half in late 2003 on the rebound after an unpleasant divorce, we used to go into town on a Friday or Saturday night to Leicester (UK) to watch some live music before going on to a club. There was a big ol' pub called Molly O'Grady's, which had a...
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    Ok... Who has Met Celebrities in the course of their Lives? Post your Experiences!

    Here's the opposite.... Can't remember exactly what date it was (1978?), but my bandmates & a few other pals drove in convoy to the Knebworth Festival. If I recall correctly, we were there to witness Peter Gabriel & Zappa (....???) We'd borrowed a pimped-up van with flames painted down the...
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    Ok... Who has Met Celebrities in the course of their Lives? Post your Experiences!

    I went with a friend to see Genesis perform at the De Montfort Hall, Leicester, UK in the late 70's. We were teenagers, and had been dropped off at the venue by my pal's Dad. After the gig,( which was amazing!), the venue had pretty much emptied. We stood by the stage, admiring the high-end...
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    Why do you drum?

    I like to spend my disposable income on drums, cymbals, etc., BEFORE "She Who Must Be Obeyed" spends it on clothes, handbags, & other "essentials"...;)
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    What's in the Box?

    Get a bigger room.................:cool:
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    Eloy out from Sepultura

    I can't speak for anyone else, but beating the living :poop: out of my drums & cymbals is an absolute no-no!!! If people get off on this, then that's their own personal choice. The harder & louder I play (e.g., at rehearsal if the general volume is too loud), the less "nuanced" the sound is, to...