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  1. epinson

    Home vs gig

    Both! A lot of people think you have to "pick a lane" between covers and originals, and you certainly don't have to. I record/play original music at home and collaborate with others for the fun of it. Music (more passionately than covers) + Hang I gig with a cover band, for the music and the...
  2. epinson

    Would you cancel your sub?

    I agree with you, let the sub play. Treat others as you want to be treated.
  3. epinson

    BLACKEST Beauty Snare Drum

    Thanks, this is my first BB, and while I like the look of the Blackest Beauty, I am looking for versatility over heaviness (I play a lot of musicals where you have to cover a lot of different genres, not just hard rock or metal), so now I'm leaning more towards a standard BB.
  4. epinson

    BLACKEST Beauty Snare Drum Has anyone here bought one of the BLACKEST Beauty snare drums from Drum Center of Portsmouth? I'm in the market to get a Black Beauty, and although it looks cool, I was wondering...
  5. epinson

    The Tip Jar That Keeps On Giving

    Agreed! We have both a tip jar and a venmo code, and it really helps. At a gig right before Christmas last year, some high roller who loved our group gave us each a $100 bill, and I was pretty much speechless. At least in the U.S, the tipping culture has only increased. Might as well be a...
  6. epinson

    600 piece drum kit for sale - have you seen this?

    Can confirm. I live a couple towns north of Worcester (and gig there a couple times a month, if I can find a parking spot near Kelley Square or Park Ave :rolleyes:) and met him once when I sold him an old Tama Rockstar in used condition. I sold it to him for $250, but he tried haggling even...
  7. epinson

    which 3 percussion you would find useful to have as part of your drums?

    LP Ridge Rider Cowbell, Rhythm Tech Tambourine, and a Yamaha DTX-Multi12 (for the occasional everything else).
  8. epinson

    Bass player took a separate gig, said we shouldn't play without him.

    Agreed! Months of rehearsals is when you’re in high school having fun with your friends (or an original band when you are writing material). Also, I’ve found that the people pushing for more rehearsals are often the same people that don’t practice on their own! Sounds like an inconvenience...
  9. epinson

    House kits

    Maine is beautiful! It’s this huge field called Freedom Field. Festival was called Heads in Harmony. September 2022, but I believe they have other festivals there too. Lots of stoners (among other things lol).
  10. epinson

    House kits

    Twice last year, worked out well both times! 1. Technically not a 'house kit" but a shared kit. Four band show at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA. If you've never been, parking and loading/unloading can be a nightmare (especially if multiple cars are trying to unload at once!). Luckily, one...
  11. epinson

    Latest single broke top 100 in iTunes

    Good job, that's awesome!
  12. epinson

    Ever settled on a piece of gear because it was at a mom-and-pop shop?

    For the entry-level mom and pop shops, I bought my first Behringer USB Microphone for recording percussion (before I had a DAW), and usually buy a pair of sticks to support the local ones. For the independent high-end shops (Drum Center of Portsmouth is the closest for me), it was a DW Pancake...
  13. epinson

    Summer Drummer or Winter Drummer

    I play more for me in the winter, and play more for others in the summer (for context, I'm in New England). January - March: Primarily write and record original ideas in basement for future solo album that keeps getting pushed back. Primarily for me! Also cover band gigs once a month or...
  14. epinson

    Can't play that night have gig with my other band??

    I do agree about him telling you that he is in another band, but not necessarily every gig you do.
  15. epinson

    Can't play that night have gig with my other band??

    I'm also "first-come, first-serve", it's the only fair way to do it. My bands don't share their personal calendars....we just check with each other as dates come up, rather than assuming everyone is free. What if instead of "have a gig with another band", it was "I'm on vacation that week" or...
  16. epinson

    Does your band play with backing tracks? What's your opinion on them?

    I've played in a project that morphed from a variety band (classic rock, blues, soul, hip-hop) into an EDM/dance project, as we had trouble keeping a guitarist/lead player. So it was drums, bass, vocals, and backing tracks. It was challenging as we didn't have in-ear monitors, so we had to...
  17. epinson

    600 piece drum kit for sale - have you seen this?

    At least SOME of the collection exists, I know people who’ve bought individual pieces of hardware from him. He wants to sell the whole collection at once, but will probably have to settle for one-offs.
  18. epinson

    How far is your commute to practice?

    My rehearsal space is 20 minutes away. An hour away? If it was weekly rehearsals indefinitely, that would probably be tough for me. If it's for a month or two to build up a setlist, then gig time, I would probably be OK. But would you be OK gigging regularly an hour away?
  19. epinson

    Would you tell your band that you’re looking for a better gig?

    How often is your current band gigging? If you're only gigging once a month or so, you can look at other projects while still fulfilling obligations in your current one. Sometimes, I didn't realize how much one of my bands was NOT a good fit for me until I had another band to compare it with.
  20. epinson

    Why most of the drummers don't want to be leaders?

    As far as being a creative bandleader, it's an uphill battle for me. I do write melodic ideas on piano, but don't know how to transfer them to guitar. If I wanted to do a project to showcase songwriting, I would probably write and record everything myself, then in the event of playing a...