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    How Much Does a Yamaha 950 throne weigh?

    I use that Gibraltar model, it's pretty good, relatively light throne base, and good quality. I'd call it 7 on a Roc'n'Soc scale of 10.
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    Factory Metal Percussion In General

    If you don't get lucky finding one on here (unlikely), try Benjamin Camp at Cymbalmagic.
  3. J

    Drum case for 15x8" Field Drum

    The Ahead cases flex quite a bit. I have three drums that are 18“ depth, combined, in a 14/14 case.
  4. J

    Drum case for 15x8" Field Drum

    Ahead's free floater case should do it at 17/7.75”. That snare mech doesn't look too greedy for space. If you're in the UK old fibre Spaulding Russell 16s are about 10” deep when closed. US equivalent probably old Ludwig hatbox style 16.
  5. J

    Is it possible to dye or use some kind of transparent paint to color clear acrylic drums?

    Transparent gel like on the old par can style lights? Double sided tape hopefully would do it. Surprised someone else doesn't do coloured concert tom shells that you could put Pearl bits on.
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    Anyone Mounting Their Main Snare Off The Hihat? Pics Wanted.

    Nice gizmo, and could definitely be useful. Yamaha Crosstown snare stand would be lighter and easier to adjust tho.
  7. J

    Max Roach hi hats

    He said in an interview he had broken a 14” top and could only get a 13” replacement. He liked the way it worked and stuck with it.
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    Looking for the longest connecting drive shaft for a double pedal

    Try ACD, their drives are super high quality, and very well priced. Maybe they can make you a custom size. [email protected]
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    Practice options for travel and hotels?

    A 12“ pad, towel, and Futz pedals seems the most mobile solution. Lightweight snare stand is handy too if you have room for it. Emergency Moongel pad or brushes when the death threats become tedious.
  10. J

    Trick Drive shaft for Axis Pedal?

    ACD in Austria make first class pedals and drive shafts to fit any pedal. The quality, price and service are all absolutely great.
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    Question about 7s

    I'm sorry if my reply was 'opaque'. I meant it literally. As you pointed out, a seven note pattern is just that, whether it's played as tuplets or a meter. The clavés of seven are a good place to start, as you said, maybe with pickup notes on the 3s into the 2s also; these types of figures are...
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    Question about 7s

    The quarter note permutations of 7/4 is a good place to start.
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    The best bass drum sound!

    There was a Sonor ad with that kit I think. If I remember correctly a double bass Rosewood Phonic with the reso heads taken off.
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    Any famous songs with the snares disengaged?

    I heard that Roxy drummer Paul Thompson 'forgot' to put the snares back on after being asked to.