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  1. Masheanhed

    Favorite Drummer

    Ian Paice with Bonham right behind him.
  2. Masheanhed

    Age induced gear change - thoughts?

    Over the years I've made these changes due to, I hate to admit, age: Downsized from a five to a four piece setup to accommodate moving ride cymbal closer to left side of bass drum where second tom used to be. Lowered cymbals. Roc N Soc seat with back rest. Went from five rides to three. Used...
  3. Masheanhed

    Nice Cymbals as a Beginner - Yes or no?

    Every time you strike a bad cymbal its like a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Wait...maybe that's when you blow up a planet. As someone posted earlier, I can give you no better advice than what has already been...
  4. Masheanhed

    Drummers who could have replaced Bonham in Zeppelin

    In Through The Out Door is one of my favorite Zep albums. It was heading in a different direction and I think many diss it because it was not a rehash of Rock And Roll/Stairway To Heaven/Kashmir. Also, a bad Led Zeppelin album (if you could call one that) was still better than 95% of the music...
  5. Masheanhed

    Rewrap of Sonor Force 2001.

    If this is in the wrong area I apologize... I got this idea to rewrap a kit in a vinyl wrap from this thread:! Rather than repeat what I did, let me just say that I pretty much...
  6. Masheanhed

    Bass drum AND a floor tom?

    Many moons ago before I got interested in micro kits and the idea of converting floor toms into bass drums, I saw a photo (maybe on eBay...not sure) of a floor tom that someone had mounted bass drum spurs onto it so they could use it as either a floor tom or a bass drum. Anyone ever seen a set...
  7. Masheanhed

    What would you do if a band member accused you of stealing his stuff? the subject but this reminds me of what you are talking about: A friend of mine and his wife were trying to potty train their son. He was about 3 1/2 years old at the time and still was not trained. Out of frustration my friend asked the boy "Why do you keep going in your pants when...
  8. Masheanhed

    What would you do if a band member accused you of stealing his stuff?

    Next time he brought it up I'd say "well...who do you think took them?". If he skirts the issue, I'd say "it sounds like you think someone here took them". He wants to accuse but does not want to take the heat if he actually confronts someone and then it back fires on him. I find when I begin to...
  9. Masheanhed

    Two bands/same songs

    Have any of you had the experience of playing in a band and some of the members play in another band, doing basically the same material? I am in a situation where I was asked to form a band with a guy I have played in bands with over the years and his daughter who sings. He said that his other...
  10. Masheanhed

    Drum muffling gone wild

    Saw this in a local craigslist listing. Although I am in shock over what is in the two rack toms, I am bewildered at what is in the floor tom...a piece of styrofoam???
  11. Masheanhed

    The ulitmate cymbal placement

    Scouring through Youtube I ran across this video, which made me realize I have been setting my cymbals up wrong all these years...
  12. Masheanhed

    Chrome peeling: re-chrome it, wrap it, or leave it alone?

    This is my Slingerland Gene Krupa Sound King snare that I have had for 30 years. I am not sure of the exact age, but Slingerland started making these around 1967 and I think they made them up through the mid-70s. From the day I got it, the snare has had a chunk of the chrome missing. It has not...
  13. Masheanhed

    Your all time favorite album

    Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs - Derek And The Dominos
  14. Masheanhed

    Duct Tape and Drum In A Box

    I sat in for the regular drummer at the church I attend today. The drums from when I have been in the audience sound good but to me they have always had a muted sound. The normal drummer plays harder than I do and I have heard the other members mention he plays hard so I suppose it is not just...
  15. Masheanhed

    When you have a death in the family and can't make a gig...

    Have any of you had a situation where you were not able to make a gig or gigs with your band due to an illness or death in the family? How did your bandmates handle it? I'm not talking about a high end professional band is more on a "Saturday night bar type gig" level. Recently my...
  16. Masheanhed

    Website suggestions

    Wanting to have a website for the band I am in and wondered what suggestions you guys (and gals) might have as a good one to use. We are just playing locally so it does't need to be some big elaborate set up. Mainly a place for photos, bios of the band (hey ya gotta have that), some MP3s, maybe...
  17. Masheanhed

    Pearl ISS Tom mounts

    A friend gave me a couple of Pearl Export toms that had the ISS tom mounts (has two chrome "claws" that hold the top of the hoop). The biggest tom was a 13". The mounts will fit a 14" X 12" tom I have but my question is has anyone had trouble with these bending the hoops. They just look like the...
  18. Masheanhed

    New Year's Eve gigs?

    Anybody out there playing a gig for New Year's? My band of misfits is playing at a TGI Friday's tonight. Yeah I know...not your ideal setting, but it pays decent (for around here), plus they feed and water you, and the crowd has always been good. Now if they'd just turn the televisions off...
  19. Masheanhed

    Do you guys know any....?

    What is the oddest request you have had when playing that does not fit the genre or style of music you were playing? Once when playing in band doing rockabilly songs, we got asked if we knew any Bon Jovi. In my current band that does mainly classic rock covers we got asked a few weeks ago at a...
  20. Masheanhed

    What do you include in your demo/promo packs?

    My group of misfits is putting together a demo to try to drum up (no pun intended) some gigs. I'm in charge of working up the info and cover for the CD and wondered what are some things I need to make sure I include. I know band name, song list, contact info/phone numbers need to be included...